Badhami, Gas, Tabkheer (Course) Ubqari – Indigestion


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(Indigestion, gas, evaporation system, the increasing abdomen is curable course)

In such a modern and fast life, food disorders and the use of chillies and spices items in food, etc destroy the intestine and stomach system and make them inactive. One who takes food and for the digestion of such food are necessary to do work like walk and other light exercise but in such a fast life no one has to time for these, as such that food rotten in the stomach or in intestines and creating gas and acidity. If such gas rises toward the mind then one feels drowsiness and laziness or becomes sleepless, surrounding of the face become red and hot.

If one feels giddiness, blood pressure, tension and irritation, indigestion from food, increase heartbeat, feeling heart sink, blisters on the tongue and bring a white layer on the tongue, panic feelings, odour smell from the mouth, constipation or passing stools unsatisfactory, swelling of gums, blister in mouth, etc all these symptoms of stomach disorder, evaporation, gas, and constipation. If soda or acid water uses in such conditions then the patient feels good but in fact, it may be more dangerous for health and be the cause of ulcers in the stomach or incurable diseases of the stomach. Our research department discovered effective medicine for such diseases, you can also take benefit from it and enlisted a lot of people who are healed and successful.


Price: Rs.700/- except postal charges (medicine for 15 days)

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