Desi Cream Ubqari – Natural Cream


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Desi Cream

Natural tested treatment for pimple, face skin rashes, stains, and spots


The face is the reflection of your human attractive personality, beauty is the natural need of humans if that does not happen then heaven may also not be beautiful and it is nature who learn humans how to protect and prolong beauty. Human whenever goes far from nature remain fails and whenever it comes near found prize of beauty. “Desi Cream” as per its name is locally made and better than foreign creams.

Whenever due to food imbalance, mental stress, and illness a person lost his natural freshness or softness, if at that time he chooses “Desi Cream” then it is understood that you take right and wise decision. You know better that there are radiation effects existed in our environment and these effects made turmoil in the science and these radiation effects make the main reason of skin diseases and the solution of these problems is only “Desi Cream”. “Desi Cream” removes pimples, prickles, skin rashes, acne, spot, and stain from the face. Apply a little amount of cream to your face and then get busy in your daily life and repeated its application day and night.

“Desi Cream” is proved to be the most successful relief for all skin diseases. It is needed of every home for every time and for any illness. It provides freshness to the face. It is very beneficial for pimples, skin rashes, stains, and spots on the face. If your hair falls or quantity of your hair reduces, dandruff in the skull, itching, boil in your head then a small quantity of “Desi Cream” mixed with mustard oil and massaging on head steadily and immediate relief. If you enter your finger in the nose due to hot or dry weather frequently then take cream on a finger and apply in the nose and you did need to enter the finger in the nose from time to time. Boil on the eye, itching on eyelid, irritation or roughness then use “Desi Cream”.

Feeling of irritation aftershave, rotten, injury, acne, etc then use “Desi Cream”. Boil, acne, scratches, or dryness whether on the face or any part of the body use “Desi Cream”. Dryness of lips then applies “Desi Cream”. Itching in the earthen applies it into the ear with cotton. Dryness, acne, boils, stiffness or swelling at hand, feet, and any part of the body then apply and massage with “Desi Cream” and get immediate relief. Removal of disease skin from hand and feet, hemorrhoid, ringworm; burnt from fire, acid, steam, water, flame; removal of skin and bleeding from lips and hand & feet; injury, wound, acne, boils and for the removal of the odor of sweet from underarms, “Desi Cream” is best for treatment of all these ailments.

Injury from knife or hatchet, broken of the nail, itching underarms, irritation, acne and feel the pain of these symptoms apply and massage gently. If you cannot touch on the wound with your hand then you apply only above the wound slowly. For every problem use it 2 to 3 times daily. So much slow massage as much soon you get relief. Use it before sleep with satisfaction. There is no need for a bandage on any injury or wound or disease.

During hot, dry, or cold winds, the usage of “Desi Cream” is more beneficial. For any kind of boil, acne, stain, and itching then apply 3 times or more apply gently and see its amazing magic. If you like that your skin never is affected then you apply the cream with any disease. During rain, you can use it for prickle, rashes on child skin due to pampers, the roughness of heels, and for other such problems. Use it with confidence.


Price: Rs.550/- except postal charges.

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