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Fitness Foulad Tonic

Complete mental or physical Tonic that make face like a flower. It is tonic for increasing blood and provides energy. “Fitness Foulad Tonic” is really a tonic as you dream, it increases appetite, digests food and absorbs in the body, nerves, mental and body grows, restores energy that was lost in the disease. It is a trustful tonic for businessmen, occupational male & female. It is effective for weak people, maintains liver function, creates red blood cells in large numbers, provides energy to the body, makes the face fresh and soft, removes irritation of urine, strengthens gallbladder, eliminates inflammation of sexual tissues, enhances reproduction substance and active sperms and maintains your beauty.

“Fitness Foulad Tonic” for women:

During pregnancy “Fitness Foulad Tonic” abstain women from weakness, it increases feminine beauty and, makes the face attractive, fresh, soft, and healthy. For those mothers who feed their milk to the child, the use of “Fitness Foulad Tonic” increases their milk and makes milk strong and digestible as well as resistant to indigestion, dyspepsia, gas, and chest infection. It is the best tonic to relieve those women who are suffering from leaking white fluid due to which their body and eyes become yellow. Due to excess of period, it provides a remedy in deficiency of blood and restores health.

“Fitness Foulad Tonic” is a priceless gift for children:

It provides relief to younger and growing children by removing deficiency of appetite, irritating attitude, it strengthens bones & nervous, provide energy to the mind and enrich memory, raise immunity to secure from diseases, raise heights, eliminate effects of fever, helps children in the study, etc. It also provides relief to patients with thalassemia also.

“Fitness Foulad Tonic” is “Water of life” for aged people: 

It raises a wave of nervous power in the body of weak and exhausted, keeps old age people far from weakness and diseases like stroke, paralysis, trembling, and bending of nerves. It maintains their eyesight, strengthens the mind & teeth, enriches the backbone keeps them secure from banding of the back and it provides relief from body pain.


Take one tablespoon tonic with water or milk. For children one teaspoon tonic with milk, tonic is used in place of sugar.

Price: Rs.220/- except postal charges.

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