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Fitness Package

For mental and physical tiredness, deficiency of blood, and dull life.

It is the best compound of priceless herbs. It is the most effective formula that prepared by great efforts, it is the king of strength, the center of happiness of health, the guarantor of power of all vital organs, heart weakness, mental weakness, sexual weakness, liver weakness and give new life to dull life, shortage of minerals that decreases with the passing age, feeling physical weakness and other weakness and deficiencies if these ailments did not treat then they raise mental or physical weaknesses, mangoes to older fast.

In fact “Fitness Package” is remedying of mineral deficiencies and balance body and one feel young himself. It is a royal package for relief from physical & mental weakness, for joyful life with power & strength, energy, and for the growth of every part of the body from head to feet. Proper quantity of pure blood in the body provide sound health if unfortunately, you feel that your face going to be yell, the skin of your face going to rough, hanging of meat under eyes, becoming breathless, irritation of hands & feet and loss of appetite, acute thrust and frozen yellow layer on the tongue and for the laziness of the body, for all these symptoms, “Fitness Package” is the best treatment. From this treatment yell convert in reddish, laziness convert in alertness, dull life makes full of joy and provide happiness to life and make your face, fresh, healthy and attractive.


“Fitness Package” increases the power of memory and eyesight: capability of power of memory and eyesight needs every walk of life and made you successful. If your memory is weak and you fail to remember things where you put them then you may be embarrassed with your boss in office, if you are a student then you may be behind in study due to weakness of memory. Don’t be worry; you use the “Fitness Package”. “Fitness Package” brings you in light from the darkness of life. It also maintains your eyesight and makes your life successful. The use of this package enriches the mind.

“Fitness Package” is the compound of food supplement that maintains eyesight internally and its continual use gets remove your glasses. If you want to fast your memory like a computer and quicken your eyesight unbelievable. It can use in any season and any age group. “Fitness Package” is important for growing children, bankers, intellectuals, writers, lawyers, journalists, and others who do mental work. Due to mental weakness, if your hair falls then after use of “Fitness Package” your hair fall will be stopped.


For disappointed marital life, when incurable patients whose life become dull than “Fitness Package” bring happiness and pleasure in their lives. It is best for those who going to be old and feeling tired nervous body. “Fitness Package” is tested formula for enriching the performance of the heart, brain, and liver. Patients of tension, depression and the street must use it. “Fitness Package” is a record-setter for the remedy of weaknesses like sexual power and sexual debility without any side effects.

“Fitness Package” makes you healthy and more active by rectifying your weakness of muscles. Due to heart weaknesses, you may feel helpless, terror, frightening, and something wrong thoughts, “Fitness Package” is the antidote for weaknesses of the heart. Due to the bad habits of youngsters, deficiency is created in the genital organs. It removes that deficiency and provides forever health, energy, and unbelievable power. Patients with sciatica when they take this package, they surprise that how they get relief. For immediate relief from Body pain, joint pain, mental disturbance, uncertainty, tiredness, and straining of muscles, use “Fitness Package”.

“Fitness Package” provides a remedy for deficiency of blood. For yell body; pregnant women who facing blood deficiency before or after delivery of the baby; whether you donate blood or bleeding due to accident and any diseases then you use it “Fitness Package” and its magic.

A gentleman uses it for relief from backache and nerve weakness as such he not only get relief from backache but also opens his two heart valves that were closed earlier. It is the true resort of old age persons, such old age persons who are going to older, they use it and found a new wave of life in their body and every vain or vessel feel energy and pleasure. “Fitness Package” is the best companion for youngsters. “Fitness Package” is beneficial for children, teens, youth, and old age persons.


“Fitness Package” is amazing for the beauty of a woman: Those women who are suffering in hidden sickness, neither tells anything to anybody due to their natural shyness nor given as importance this sickness as needed and thought that it is normal or common whereas such illness effecting on their beauty and health and due to which their vital organs going to weak and it may deprive of the blessing like a child, they going to be weak day by day, face and skin may become pall, lose of appetite, gain in thrust, in short women become empty.

For such sisters “Fitness Package” is the best after use of it, they get sound health and able to them to bear baby, eliminate all feminine diseases and their domestic and marital life become a pleasure. Those younger sisters who are younger by age but looking in their body language as old women and have no feminine beauty, prior to reaching the age of puberty they become fade and dry-up, no accept them for marry, they facing disappointment from every side, they did not found respect from society for such daughters and sister we advised for “Fitness Package”. They use it with patience and then it’s magic. Many cases like that get relief. With the use of “Fitness Package” feminine beauty stands out, beautiful and attractive.


“Fitness Package” is the water of life for diabetic patients: Those diabetic patients whose health goes bad to worse day by day, we advised them for “Fitness Package” and these disappointed patients gave excellent results. A person informed about his illness that “he feels acute thrust, frequently pass urine transparent but with smell, tongue remain dry, pain in legs, body weakness, laziness, irritation in temperament, loose skin of the body, body-color pall, rough skin, skin itching, sleeplessness due to pain in legs, teeth pain, if any injury occurred then it is hard to heal, weakness of power of heart, brain, and liver as such life become the collection of diseases. We advised these diabetic patients for “Fitness Package” after its use all these diseases gone.

“Fitness Package” is rest for unrest persons, peace of mind for disturb minds, complete treatment of all body diseases, last resort for patients of sleeplessness, depression, and tension, tested treatment for removal of stains, spots, and skin rashes of face, unbelievable beneficial for eliminating constipation. In short “Fitness Package” is for everyone and forever. “Fitness Package” is a complete treatment for all body problems and effective safety measures from diseases for every person of the family.


Note: no side medicines of this package. “Fitness Package” is equally useful for every home, every one whether it is younger or older, male or female. “Fitness Package” is the successful treatment for hepatitis A, B, C.


Price: Rs.800 except postal charges (package for 15 days)

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