Allergy, Flu, Sneezing, Sinusitis, Chronic, Nasal Bone Growth


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(Course for allergy, sneezing, chronic flu and increase of nose bone)


News from Islamabad is trees are cut continually which is the cause of allergy but when a tree is cut down then many trees came out. Similarly, whenever anyone suffers from chronic flu, his hair turned to white and started falling, mental weakness, memory weakness. As such we use those medicines that provide relief from flu and allergies for the time being but till then effects of the medicine remain in the body, Patients feel relief from sneezing but whenever the effect of medicine removes sneezing started.

Sometimes, due to allergy marks appearing on the body, itching, growth of nasal bone, effect on the heart and mind even deficiency of sleep. Whenever allergy increases then skin problems also increase and we use creams or ointment on it because we think that it is the cure for skin. Are the ointment and creams provide permanent relief? No, for chronic flue, allergy, growth of nasal bone, congestion of the nose, and skin problems even for allergy asthma the best and tested treatment is “Allergy, Chenkain, Daimi Nazla, Nak ki Hadi Ka Barhana Course”


Price: Rs.700/- except postal charges (medicine for 15 days)

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