Giltiyon, Rasoliyun Se Nijat Course Ubqari – Tumor Course


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Giltiyon, Rasoliyun Se Nijat Course – Tumor Course

Treatment for tumor and cancer

Tumor at any part of the body is looking bad and ugly. Some tumor is making pain and some are not. A small tumor on the body is increases and gradually many tumors spread to the whole body. It is long research and experimented course of Ubqari Dawakhana that removes tumors from the root. Tumor simple or in the shape of cancer, whether these are in brain or neck, under armor in the skin, in uterus or breast even every tumor at any part of the body, this course dissolves these tumors. This course is clean waste from the brain and stomach. It is also benefited for scrofulous. On its use, maintain the performance of glands that grow the body. It provides relief from every kind of swallow of tissues, every mole, wound at gland, etc. by dissolving them.

Besides, old wound, pus boil i.e. tuberculosis tumor, wound eczema (whether occur on the skin or wherever), any kind of skin inflammation, excess or raising internal tissues, skin tumor that make a wound, swelling in it, irritation, leaking of wetness from blood, pain in bones wound on bone and that wounds convert in cancer, etc from all these diseases “Giltiyan our Rasoliyon say Nijat Course” provides relief and complete treatment. That woman who has uterus tumor, due to which they irregularity in hormones they could not be pregnant and when we get a course on such these women, their tumor are treated and they become pregnant.


Instruction: It is a severe and complex disease as such its cure is also slow, on the other hand, treatment of local or handmade medicine is slow due to which patients worry that that medicine did not provide relief as such patient use this course constantly for 3 to 5 month with satisfaction and you will get relief.

Price: Rs.650/- except postal charges.

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