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Hamila Tonic Ubqari (A Tonic for Pregnant Woman)


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Hamila Tonic

(A Tonic for Pregnant Woman)

It offers all-inclusive treatment for all kinds of pregnancy complications, weakness, blood loss, body pain, depression, vomiting, and tiredness. It guarantees the health and beauty of mother and baby. Use it during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. It’s useful for milk enhancing and fitness. It works great for women having problems of dizziness, vomiting, blood loss, drop-in meal, lack of balanced food, legs pain, weakness in teeth, anxiety, sleeplessness, circles beneath the eyes, tiredness, swelling in hands, and feet, gastrointestinal disease, fear during pregnancy.

Moreover, it extends strength to an internal system of women who suffer weakness due to blood loss in the early days of pregnancy. A beautiful and healthy child is given birth. It’s a treatment for weak and turning to white hairs in breastfeeding mothers. It treats well the weakness that occurs after delivery. Use it during breastfeeding days and never face a lack of milk, keeps child healthy and strong. “Hamila Tonic” offers all nutritional needs of mother and baby.

Method of Usage:

Take one tablespoon in the morning, afternoon, and evening. It can be used with milk, water, bread, plain bread, butter, custard, feerny or kheer, etc.

Price: Rs. 220 Excluding Postal Charges

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