Harmones Shifa Ubqari Course


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Hormones Shifa Course

In order treatment of disorder periods: All those women, whose periods are in disorder, facing problems in periods, periods came after date, feeling severe pain in these days, pain in the body, pain in the abdomen, unrest, increasing heartbeat, giddiness, sleeplessness, sorrow, sweating, a disorder of digestion, irritation, nausea, feel so severe pain near the center of the abdomen as woman weeping. Due to such illness, swelling appears on her uterus due to which pregnancy may fall again and again, for such helpless women “Harmons Shifa Course” has been set.

After using it, periods fled out on time, easily without pain. “Harmons Shifa Course” enriches the uterus. It drains out stopped blood in the necessary quantity. Those patients who could not be pregnant, remain deprived of the blessing of a child, for them “Harmons Shifa Course” is the blessing of Allah.

Once you use it constantly then you see its effect. Those teen girls who reach the age of puberty and it is tragedy with them that they could not drain out periods every month and after the stop of contaminated blood inside it converted into poisonous and due to these reasons facial hair grow and some girls went to obesity, increasing fat and some girls face fill with pimples as such they feel embarrassed. These teen girls did not tell anybody and secretly uses creams, Upton (herbal paste to beautify bride), and other chemical-filled medicines and no one take attention to the main reason.

“Harmons Shifa Course” is the best and most effective medicine for these girls to maintain their period, purify the blood and make their face clean and fresh. In some women after the birth of baby period stopped, for these women we invented “Harmons Shifa Course”. Use “Harmons Shifa Course” constantly from two to three months for forever relief instead of time being a benefit.


Note: during periods women avoid taking baths, cold water, and washing clothes.


Price: Rs.500/- except postal charges.

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