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How to Create a Perfect Baby Bed for your Baby?

Perfect Baby Bed for your Baby

When it comes to sleeping space for your baby, you want to make it all safe and snuggly. However, those two things are not nearly enough. There are multiple aspects and factors that you need to ponder before creating a perfect sleeping space for your baby. Determining factors such as what type of baby bed you want and what’s your budget are the basic factors. Although, the specifications, structure, safety, and space availability are issues that are no less important.

The following are the necessary factors you need to take into consideration. And then you can get right into preparing the best bed for your baby.

What Kind Of Perfect Baby Bed Do You Prefer?

Perfect baby beds come in different shapes and forms with specific names of their own. They are known as cribs, bassinets, cradles, rockers, etc. They come in various sizes and forms with various functions and features.

So there are plenty of diverse options with plenty of variety. What you need to consider are your requirements, your budget, and the space you have available for your baby’s bed in your home.

Let us peek at different kinds of perfect baby bed and what features and specifications they offer. So that you can make a more accurate, informative, and worthy decision for your baby.

  • Firstly, we have the standard crib which is a full-sized crib allowing ample space for your baby to grow. You should get them if you have a separate nursery set up for your baby or you have a spacious bedroom. Since it has a considerably large size, it needs adequate space to fit in. They are good in long-term value as you can put your baby in it for up to age 2.5-3 yrs.
  • Secondly, we have convertible cribs that are rapidly growing in popularity. They are the best option if you are looking for long term value. The convertible option means they can eventually be transformed into toddler beds, day beds, Montessori beds or low loft beds. Some of these can eventually be converted into even tween and teenage beds.
  • Thirdly, there are portable cribs that come in both standard and mini sizes. Portable cribs have wheels that come with locking mechanisms. This allows the crib to be stationary when you want and moving when the need arises. Portable cribs can also be folded up and stored in a flat form when not in use. These cribs are best for people with smaller space available or who travel often.
  • Then we have multi-purposed cribs that serve multiple purposes at once. These cribs also come in full size and mini sizes both, and contain a storage area. Hence, the baby’s essentials can be kept organized in those drawers. These cribs also have an attached changing station. And can be converted into day beds or toddler beds further down the road.
  • Another option is bassinets or cradles. They are lightweight and portable but smaller in size. Thus, they can only be used until the baby is up to the age of 5-6bmonths. It can be kept by bedside and is useful for keeping the baby close by.

Safety Standards of Perfect Baby Bed

Certain safety standards are naturally required for you to trust your baby with it. Make sure it is sturdy and reliable. It should have non-toxic, baby-friendly materials and paints.

Safety Standards of Perfect Baby Bed

Make sure the slats are no more apart than 2-3 inches so your baby’s head and even arms and legs can not fit through lest it gets stuck. A crib with multiple mattress heights should be preferable.

However, make sure the difference in the lowest mattress height and the top of the rails is around 25-27 inches. If the crib brand is Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association certified or has the Greenguard Gold seal, the product likely meets the safety measurements.

Mattress And Bedding

Choose a snugly but a firm mattress that fits wholly into the crib. Make sure the mattress is not too soft or soggy as the baby can get sucked in and suffocated otherwise. The thickness of the mattress should not be over 6 inches. A waterproof mattress is preferable otherwise cover it with a waterproof sheet.

This is so that any diaper accidents are not able to damage the mattress. Adjust the mattress over the highest mattress height option when your baby is a newborn and move it lower as your baby gets more mobile. Shift it to the lowest when your baby can pull themselves up to a standing position.

Make sure the bedding is soft and smooth but not too snugly or overly warm. Do not stack any extra pillows or stuffed and snuggly toys. Take these measurements to prevent suffocation and asphyxiation to your baby and keep them as comfortable as possible.

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