Marham Sukoon Ubqari – Reliever Ointment


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Marham Sukoon – Reliever Ointment

It is a very effective ointment for external use, it purifies blood internally, targets remedial action for scabies, irritation, abscesses, etc. It is only for external use without using the internal dose. Any type of old injury, ringworm, eczema, psoriasis, pimple or acne, particularly such injuries which leave their spots, the prickle of the rainy season, chronic scabies may be removed as quickly as you could not imagine and if it uses for some days with care then disease may be possible to remove forever.

It makes skin bright, eliminates stains, rashes, and spots from the skin, diabetic wounds, bedsore, fistula, gangrene i.e. wound creates on lying continuously on a bed for all of these, it is such an ointment that gives coolness when applying on burning, provides immediate relief to scratched skin.


Price: Rs.150/- except postal charges

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