Naak Shifa Ubqari- Nose Cure


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Naak Shifa

Nose drops for Constant flu, allergy, and increment of the nose bone

Flu that attacks with allergy is the norm, everyone has allergy from anything, someone has allergy with dust, smoke, medicine, air conditioner, etc. and they are immediately affected from these. Those who have allergies, the whenever smell of that thing (that have an allergy) and sneezing started. In most of the houses, during changes in season, family members are caught in allergic flu and cold. Children, older, male & female no one secure from that illness. Those persons who have weak immune systems are mostly seen with tissue paper. For that reason, we prepared drops for the nose namely “Nak Shifa” which rooted out that disease.

It also removes the senses of allergy and provides relief from diseases that create from allergies that are constant flu, congestion of nose, growth of the nasal bone, growth of nasal bone meat, feeling a burden on the forehead, pain in the body, running fluid from the nose, inflammation in the nasal membrane, crooked nasal bone, gone of smelling sense, odor from the nose, lot of sneezing, tearing from eyes and nose, loss of appetite, reddishness of mouth and eyes, headache or fever, “Nak Shifa” provide relief from all of this illness.

Those patients who came under attack of such disease on changing of the season to those we introduce and they use it then every season for them become healthy. Many people told that their mind became dry due to flu and their memory were gone too weak, they suffering sleeplessness, then they use “Nak Shifa” their mind become alert and body get health. That youngster male or female, their hair become white due to flu and cold and they look aged than their real age, they use many shampoos and oil but all goes in vain but when he uses “Roghan Gaogosh” then they get relief from chronic flu and allergy and feel new life. It is free from side effects.


Price: Rs.150/- except postal charges.

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