Nojavan Shifa Ubqari


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Nojavan Shifa

Relief from drops of urine, Wet dreams, and bladder heat

“Naujawan Shifa” is an unmatched medicine prepared after so many experiments and scientific methods. It is a treasure of precious and priceless herbs of natural calcium. Its use makes the reproduction substance thick and stops its ineffective use.

It relief from irritation of the urethra, whenever think about sex drops taken out, 2 to 3 times wet dreams came, gonorrhea, and rapid ejaculation, those patients who are suffering from wet dream and gonorrhea their body becomes weak, bones of their shoulders and face appears, shivering in shoulders & hands, restlessness in shanks, weakness of eyesight, feeling darkness, yellow complexion, anemia, irritation, laziness because reproduction substance affected then no barrier could stop it, a patient complaining about ejaculation, sometimes when patient think about sex saliva like fluid came out, power go down, heartbeat go fast, feeling backache, memory weakness and weakness of vital organs as such no life remain in young age.

“Naujawan Shifa” is a such compound that makes a thin reproduction substance and relief message for the youngster who is disappointed due to more wet dreams. It eliminated the effects of childlessness, secure youngness provide benefits to the married and unmarried youngster, remove complaints about irritation of urine. It is a light of hope for that youngster who feels embarrassed. It is the best treatment for women’s diseases in which leakage of white fluid occurred.

Note: Precious herbs use in “Naujawan Shifa” as such sometimes freeze or change in weather turns into humidity which means it is useable. It is usable for 4 years.

Dosage: dose equal to a gram taken 2 times a day with milk, an hour before or after food.


Note: The dose does not take more than a gram. As per need, the dose may take 3 times a day. You may take the dose by filling in a large-size capsule.

Price: Rs.220/- except postal charges.

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