Peshap Control Course Ubqari – Urine Control Course


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Peshap Control Course – Urine Control Course

For relief from time to time passing urine by elders & younger

Children passing urine over the bed, whether during laughing or coughing, sneezing or playing,   fearing stomach bugs or passing urine for any other reason then use the “Urine Control Course” and get relief. Whenever the tissues of the gallbladder going to weak then urine passes without intention or urine pass much time the night, feel the need to pass urine immediately and it is very difficult to control, most mothers get passing urine to their children but children passing urine in any part of the night and sometimes children passing urine many times in the night.

“Peshap Control Course” is a blessing for that parent who is worried about passing urine to their children. A woman said “My children could not go to school because they pass urine every 2 hours due to which they are coming under confidence, and they have no ability to do anything. I get treatment from many practitioners and use household experiments but nothing happened.” She got used to the “Urine Control Course” for her children and get fruitful results. Not only children, but elders also suffer from this disease during running, laughing, and playing often urine drops came out.

Many youngsters aged between 16 to 18 years came here and inform us that they pass urine unconsciously on the bed and that is a very embarrassing disease for them. Some patients also visited who passed urine more and due to passing urine drops their clothes remain unclean (Napak) due to which they could not offer prayer. Particularly such disease increases in cold weather. We advised these patients to the “Urine Control Course” with instructions to abstain from tea. After some time such patients (male & female) get relief and health.


Price: Rs.550/- except postal charges.


Keep staying newborn babies from steroid and antibiotic medicines

Get used to health by providing a compound of Desi and natural herbs


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