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People with weak memory could not make progress because progress depends on high-quality memory whenever the memory of any person goes weak then one feeling himself helpless due to this weakness not only patients but also who have connected with him including parents, children, spouses, and relatives also effected with him and if such condition raising to convert in the shape of madness.

Due to burden of studies, male & female students of madaris, school, and university who made his health bad because they did not care of their health due to burden of studies so they feel the loss of appetite and sleeplessness, memory loss, forgetting things, could not pay concentration, decrease in mental power in children who study, mental distortion, deficiency of memory, fear of examination, etc. created. In all situations “Roshan Dimagh” is the blessing of Allah. In the race of life, a strong mind is more needed than a healthy body.

In the modern era, it is general complain about the weak mind, the main reason is that we provide food to the body but we do not care for the food of mind so that due to the suppression of moral emotions, mental weakness is created and patient feeling old than his real age, feeling more tiredness during working in the day and walking, confuse sleep and waking condition, feeling headache, backache, and legs pain, mental, nervous and physical tiredness and tension,  disappointment, weakness, excess in feeling of sadness, psychological and mental diseases, excess of blood in brain, restlessness, feeling a failure, disappointment, dull, trembling, angriness, self-centered, taking no interest in anything and did not want to talk, our research department taking all these symptoms and prepare such a formula of local herbs with the name of “Roshan Dimagh”. From the use of it, memory would not be weak and the patient remains far from such diseases.

“The Tonic of Roshan Dimagh” is very effective not only for memory but sight also. You do any work, power of memory and sight both capacities take you for success as such sight also necessary for a successful life. Sight is such a light that provides brightness in dark. “Roshan Dimagh” is a food composition that enriches sight from internal activities as such continued use of “Roshan Dimagh” will remove glasses. If you want unbelievable fast memory like a computer, you must use “Roshan Dimagh” in every season. “Roshan Dimagh” is a blessing for the power of memory and mind by the use of it you can memorize lost things of years earlier. “Roshan Dimagh” creates a new wave of all powers of the brain.

“Roshan Dimagh Tonic” is a precious gift for students who felt tired during studying, started headaches or giddiness, could not take interest in the study, forget lessons in the evening that memorize in the morning, if memorize, on asking teacher they forget and taking scold instead of appreciation, the whole year study hard but result make them a hero to zero and parents take a decision that child is blunt mind so that took him for learning any work instead for studying. Such students and their parents trust on “Roshan Dimagh” tonic and made his future success. “Roshan Dimagh” is more effective for chronic flu and cold.

“Roshan Dimagh” removes the irregular substance from the brain and clarifies them, stop the brain from mucus, wet brain by removing its dryness. A man met me and said “Hakeem Sahib I am 50 years old and have burden as a youngster of 30 years old, I am the only supporter of my family, children born sometime late as such my daughters are elder and sons younger. I am a clerk in an office, my mind is tired so that I could not do my work, uses glasses and sometimes feeling disappointment, think that what happened of my children after me.

Often, my office fellows feel uncomfortable with me.” I advise him for some spiritual treatment and after introduction one packet of “Roshan Dimagh”, give him to use. After some days, he again visited and informed that Al-Hamdullilah “Roshan Dimagh” make strong his memory, and now he not feeling older by memory or mental abilities and take more packets of “Roshan Dimagh” while he going. “Such types of stories show the importance of “Roshan Dimagh”. Whether you are an industrialist or businessman, teacher or student, pilot or engineer, posted at low or high rank, you must use “Roshan Dimagh” for your excellent memory. Use “Roshan Dimagh” today and took a wonderful and excellent memory.


Price: Rs.380/- except postal charges.

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