Satter Shifa’ain Ubqari – 70’s Cure


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Satter Shifa’ain

As name as its works, really there is the treatment of more than seventy incurable, complex, and unique diseases and it is astonishing that medicine for one month is so cheap and so easy to take by broken in smaller pieces like gram and swallow it with water. Substances of composition are tested and experimented from centuries. Discharging of gas, belching, indigestion, and others whether they are new or chronic, curable and incurable, take only one dose and watch its result on your health.

Thousands of incurable patients are upset and tired with costly tests and they use to abstain from things as per medical practitioners but whenever they use some dose of “Satter Shifain” of only one packet, they found immediate benefit, and immediate positive result. Food allergy, chronic vomiting, such unending vomiting of a pregnant woman that makes her retarded in such situation “Satter Shifain” is the ray of hope.

You take any outdated food or indulge in indigestion or suffer from cholera in the rainy season, you are also retarded with reverse figures and continuous motion. Calm down, don’t be worry, take only one dose of “Satter Shifain” and watch the miracle of nature. Not only food allergy, cholera but also it secure from weather impact and restore immediately all wasted powers in the body, it is a unique antidote.

Power of body wasted whether, in case of accident or emergency, you are feeling stressed, take some dose of it showing immediate and forever impact. Whether any type of infection in the body you use “Satter Shifain” like Doctor prescribe an antibiotic. It may be that there is a side effect of antibiotic but it is prepared with pure herbs as such it is high-quality disinfectant medicine, use it with trust. On continuous experiment, it is learned that said medicine is great and amazing to open heart’s valve to see the result we also astonishing.

A gentleman uses it for backache, not only the gain health as well as he also took another unbelievable benefit that his two closed heart valves, open. He gets tested again then he knows that his heart’s valves are clear. Such medicine is used by many patients and taking advantage and they remain secure from bypass and operation of the heart. The medicine took unique benefits for stones in the kidney or gallbladder and inflammation on the gallbladder.

Those patients whose kidney near to failure due to stones or other complications of kidney, urea in blood, potassium or increase in the quantity of keratin in blood, facing uneasiness to pass urine or disease approaches for Dialysis then you immediately use “Satter Shifain”  for some period with concentration and confidence and get great results. Sciatic i.e. Arqun Nisa calling in slang language “Langri” also, the medicine cure these as fast as patients could not believe it, they (after treatment) saying that they use many medicines but they don’t know how they gain health.

Similarly, you use only “Satter Shifain” for joint pain, body pain, and unbearable pain feel unrest and did not take peace, wishing someone pressing, serve you or nervous tiredness due to working or muscle pain, etc. Industrialists, businessmen, persons who work in offices whether mental or physical, housewives or students, and for everyone, it is high-quality medicine, providing immediate remedy & power.

Mental problems and deprived of special power man and youngsters use this medicine with confidence, medicine will not deprive you of its magical or charismatic benefits. Whether you are disappointed with special power or lost your power yourself then you only use “Satter Shifain” for only some days and then its effects. It removes deficiencies of blood, whether you become yellow, blood deficiency in pregnant women after or before pregnancy or child, whether you donated blood to anyone or your blood wasted in any accident or diseases, you use “Satter Shifain” and then watch blessings of Allah.

“Satter Shifain” is the most effective for a chronic flue, cold, sneezing or pollen allergy in the cold & spring season, even you can also use “Satter Shifain” with confidence for close nostrils, difficulties in snorting, congestion of the nose during sleep. Whenever “Satter Shifain” advised to patients of constipation, Hemorrhoids, irritation of anal, inflammation then it compiles us to pay thanks to Allah that such helpless patients get health so much soon.

Such patients who going the toilet frequently or immediately after taking food due to which food without digestion flash out or did not make part of the body or constant odor in the mouth so that nobody can sit near then use “Satter Shifain” with care. Those women who have problems with their hormones, periods did not release easily or passes with difficulties or irregularly, thigh and fat took out, unbalanced body even they indulge in obesity, “Satter Shifain” is effective for everyone whether men or women, children or elder.

Whether feeling pain in the ear or in molars, joints, or Sciatic, for all of them “Satter Shifain” is a high-quality medicine, only some doses satisfy with a message of health. “Satter Shifain” secures the body from uncountable diseases and normalizes blood pressure by decreasing cholesterol in the blood, eliminating fatty substances. Those patients who suffer from low blood pressure may use “Satter Shifain” with confidence.

To abstain from Naswar, Gutka, and any other type of narcotics is most useful and effective after many experiments. If you are addicted to Naswar or Pan then you took it, the habit of Naswar or Pan may stop automatically. It is most effective for swelling of gums, stopping blood & pus from gums. Old typhoid fever, malaria that did not leave or come again and again but not leave from the body then calms down, don’t panic, this medicine will not disappoint you. It is used for mental or memory weakness of old age persons, youngsters, men or women, it is experienced and a new ray of disappointed persons.

Diabetic patients who feel weaknesses in their heart, brain, liver, urinary bladder, muscle, and special power then if they take “Satter Shifain” with their doctor’s medicine, they surprise that with the removal of other weaknesses, they take also relief from diabetic medicines. The prostate gland, normally also called tissues of urine also remove with this medicine, if this medicine is used before indulging in the prostate gland then such diseases will not attack you. This medicine is used in allergy and urticaria by those persons who didn’t believe in medicines, they get great benefits. It is very effective for the pain in the heel, paralysis, stroke, and shivering of the body.

This medicine used for asthma, dust allergy, cough, and mucus vanished, leaving it inhaler. For removal of weakness after breaking of bone, its pain or any type pain of accident and if the pain remains the body, on use of this medicine patient feel peace and it is a useful formula for many patients of syphilis and inflammation of the urethra. It maintains sight and for removing glasses, it is the last solution & treatment. You can use it even you are healthy, it has no side effects.

Dosage: Take medicine equal to a small gram 2 to 5 times with water, as per your temperament, whether taking before or after food, for children medicine equal to black pepper 2 to 5 times with water. Always caped packet tightly so that medicine will not expire years.

Price: Rs.350/- except postal charges.


A letter from lots of letters.

To the Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Majzoobi Chughtai Sahib, Assalam Alekum, hope that you are safe and sound with your family and staff. It is suitable to present my introduction before the main purpose to write a letter. I am a professional banker who is interested in Islamic banking. In 2007, I retired from the post of Vice President of a famous bank after about serving 37 years. It is better to do something than nothing, I serve as Administrator for a school namely Guldasht Town Campus. I heard about you from my friend Imran Khalid Sahib and on his insist I be the reader of Monthly Ubqari.

In the previous edition, I saw qualities of “Satter Shifain” written inside of the front page which was put over the table of the living room at my home. On reading, I think that this medicine is not only necessary for me but for everyone. My elder son who passed studied at Bradford Shire University in the UK and settled with his family there. On those days, he was in Pakistan with family, he also read about “Satter Shifain” and said that “Abbu, what he writes about medicine, if it is 25% true then it is great but I think that these qualities only for writing if it has effective then it may only for sterilize and its benefit will be for short period but hazardous and bad effects destroy the machinery of the body.

I said, I have no direct contact with Hakeem Sahib but I heard from him with my good friend and after reading Monthly Ubqari, I understand his capability and interest in religion and I don’t think that he made corruption like sterilize. However, on insist of my son, I spent Rs.1000 for the test of “Satter Shifain” from the PCSIR laboratory as such it is certified that no sterilize included in it. As per my experiment, “Satter Shifain” definitely healing all these diseases at any level that you mention in “Ubqari” or in the brochure of “Satter Shifain” and such healing may be different from the stages of the condition of disease and patient.

I want to mention here some diseases for that particularly “Satter Shifain” is perfectly heal like the severe condition of indigestion and cholera. For more than 36 years of my married life, I don’t know any time my wife may suffering such severe cholera as she suffered almost one and half months ago in mid-night. Without overstating, in between one & half hours my wife goes ten to the twelve-time toilet for vomiting, motion, and take out what she eat or drink she took out water and poisonous yellow substance through vomiting and loose motion.

The situation is very critical and unbearable, my wife becomes too weak to go toilet without me then I give her a dose of “Satter Shifain” with water. Later, she went into such a deep sleep, she did not know when I leave home for the office. About 2 o’clock, I return home from my office then she is awakening. On such a severe attack of indigestion or cholera, if I call to doctor, he may suggest injections and drips for thousands of rupees as well as my family may also suffer. One dose of “Satter Shifain” is proved as an antidote for cholera.


A.K. Zahid Siddiqui,

Administrator Darul Arkum School,

Guldasht Town, Lahore Cantt:

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