Shifa e Heart Ubqari (Syrup) – 250 ml


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Shifa e Heart Syrup

Any type of cough, allergy, asthma, short breath, and mucus are the diseases and their main reasons are imbalance life, polluted environment, and impure food. Breath is the other name of life and lungs are the very important and specific organs for breathing. Minor defects of lungs may destroy the respiratory system of the body, lungs started effect from cough because cough whether new or chronic dangerous for life, whenever cough attack, patient feeling deficiency in-breath, if patient eating something he may take out by vomiting, due to cough if the patient lies on the bed then sit, face become red and eyes fill with tears and disease increases to shape in asthma or T.B.

“Shifa-e-Herat” syrup is necessary for the treatment of any kind of dry cough, coursing cough, whooping cough, cough of cold & hot season, dryness of tongue and throat, swelling, sore throat, go down the throat, etc. “Shifa-e-Herat” is trusted syrup of Abqari. There are some pollen allergy areas where every person suffering from cough and cough becomes essential for them. I met many patients like that even a patient sneezes almost three hundred times due to which his body and brain become blank and he is unable to do anything and disappointment spread over. Anyone advise him for taking “Shifa-e-Herat” because he is disappointed with frequently medicines as such on insisting he uses “Shifa-e-Herat” then a new wave of hope appears.

He gets more “Shifa-e-Herat” and uses it, he feels better day to day, days of his hope reappear, dark night ended. As such not only that person but the residents of the whole area became fans of “Shifa-e-Herat”. Some students in a college hostel and they have some problems, neither sleep in the night nor allow others, whole day & night, they suffering in cough. They found “Shifa-e-Herat” from any source, they use as per prescription at the label of “Shifa-e-Herat” and after some days all students gain healthy because it is the charisma of precious herbs that are used in “Shifa-e-Herat”.

“Shifa-e-Herat” is the best tonic to eliminate the weakness of lungs, the wound of lungs, all problems in the respiratory system, dryness in-breath, dryness in windpipe, flu & cold, T.B. and fever. “Shifa-e-Herat” cure wound of the lungs by providing strength to it and complete treatment for all diseases of the respiratory system. During clinic a child has brought, about him, his parents were told that he has T.B and he reduced to bones, color becomes black, weak body, the whole night child suffering in cough and take out the mucus in small quantity, after disappointment his family get T.B. course for eight-month but bear no benefit. It is advised to parents of children that they use “Shifa-e-Herat” with confidence to the child as per its dose i.e. one spoon mixed in half cup hot water, four times a day. They used it for some weeks and children become healthy.

Due to seasonal variability and location of Pakistan cough is normal, on changing in season, patients of chest and cough increases, windpipes in lungs of patient shrinking due to which heart problems and asthma-like diseases created, swelling in the windpipe, strangulation in the chest or unrest condition created when dust, mucus of fungus plants, feathers of birds and other thousands of particles in the air enter in the body through breathing and they cause for allergic asthma due to which asthma patient becomes unconscious.

Because of cough and asthma attack, mucus took out with difficulties, mucus in throat, attacks of inhalants. “Shifa-e-Herat” is beneficial and effective for hundreds of patients and with the grace of God such patients take health. “Shifa-e-Herat” removes mucus from the chest, its use ended asthma, eliminates germs of disease, throat swelling, throat mucus, and other elements remove from roots. In “Shifa-e-Herat” such ingredients included that make harmless germs performance.

A patient came with condition that he could not walk for some steps, whenever he take a step he feel a deficiency in-breath, no one knows how many medicines he use even an inhaler but everything become useless and patients are allergic to the medicine. Someone advised him to use “Shifa-e-Herat” with “Banafshi Qahwa” after some days he become healthy. A well-known old age friend under treatment of throat since long, his voice gone down and whenever he eat oily food, he could speak from his throat. On the use of “Shifa-e-Herat”, his voice was clear and his chronic illness was treated, and feel healthy. “Shifa-e-Herat” is a very effective formula for whooping cough patients. No side effects, free from sterilization and chemical, equally effective for children, older, youngsters, and women.


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