Sukoon Afza Ubqari Syrup – Tensinil Syrup


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Sukoon Afza Syrup – Tensinil Syrup

In the modern era, the body become a machine but the body consists of meat and it could not work like a machine if it works like a machine for a long time then its tension, depression, and other psychological complication may increase and resultantly heart or brain, body organs or nerve leave their working gradually. In this situation people whether using sleeping pills for time rest or piece or uses medicine of natural herbs for permanent relief instead of treatment for a short period. Confusion, shock, and domestic problems make you patient then “Skoon Afza” is the best medicine and friend.

“Skoon Afza” is providing immediate relief for all problems of digestion like gas, evaporation, indigestion, irritation in the chest, and feeling burdened. “Skoon Afza” is an immediate and forever solution for sleeplessness, body unconsciousness, and addiction to using sleeping pills. If your muscles or nerves are weak, feeling tired due to problems of office or business affairs or feeling tired immediately without any work then don’t be worry “Skoon Afza” is here.

Chronic flu, an increase of nose bone, sneezing may remove from “Skoon Afza”. After use of “Skoon Afza” for some period, you will get relief from the weakness of sight whether far or near sight. It is best for those persons who are fed-up from slipping pills, they feel unrest, feeling pain in the body, gloom, those patients of diabetics who want to be strong, active and those who want to restore their lost power, all of these can use “Skoon Afza” with confidence.

During the use of “Skoon Afza” flash out loose motion is the positive symptoms and symbol of health that all diseases going out from the body. Whether High blood pressure is how old after use of “Skoon Afza” you can get relief from it. Acne, stain, spots, skin rashes, pimples removes from the face by “Skoon Afza” as they never existed on the face, and “Skoon Afza” makes your skin smooth, soft, and fresh.

“Skoon Afza” is very effective for obesity. For the deficiency of memory, years to year experiments show that it is the most effective medicine. In women diseases like a wrinkle on the face, falling hair, confused mind, problematic life, tension, and depression, “Skoon Afza” rooted out of these ailments. It is an amazing syrup that is equally beneficial for teens, youngsters, and old age people. If you are a patient of old constipation then don’t be disappointed to use “Skoon Afza”. “Skoon Afza” is also beneficial for removing effects of old age and to care your unhealthy condition. It is a friend of students, companion of sportsmen, and energizer for those who care about his body fitness. “Skoon Afza” is the best medicine for lack of confidence, schizophrenia, depression, joint pain, backache, and anxiety.


Price: Rs. 220/- except postal charges.

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