Tibbe Nabvi (SAW) Hair Oil Ubqari


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Tibbe Nabvi (SAW) Hair Oil

Whenever the beauty of hair goes to dull, head barren then it is true that the wife taking the veil in front of his husband, and the man also does not leave his head uncovered. In the modern era, the most cause of problems of hair of the head is to use of artificial and chemical mixed shampoos that constantly leave a bad effect on skull instead of using oil and then breaking and falling of hair started.

Tension, disappointment, problems, household, official, and trading difficulties are also affecting the health of hair and the beauty of the head going to be barren. In addition for the transplantation of these hairs synthetic and chemical substances are being used. In view of all these facts, we started to locate the solution, at last, we have taken advantage of the effective medicine of Nabvi (SAW) then we realize that even progress of science and technology, we still depend on the medicine of Nabvi (SAW) then why we depend on the medicine of Nabvi (SAW) because of the solution of all problems from the first day to last day of the world in medicine of Nabvi (SAW).

A man suffering from typhoid fever, after treatment he got relief and health. He felt that his hair gradually fall down when he woke up early in the morning, some hair was founded on the pillow. At the start, he did not care about hair fall but hair fall increased, he was advised by physicians and use different shampoos, oil, and tonic but all his efforts go in vain. At last, someone advised him to “Tib-e-Nabvi Hair Oil” then the solution with surety and tested results made him healthy.

Lady patient gets health: 

Similarly, a man also intended to raise his hair, believe it, someone also advised him for “Tib-e-Nabvi Hair Oil” and he use it and take it to benefit. I think that there are herbs of medicine of Nabvi (SAW) that provide such benefits to people otherwise there is no importance in the beauty of bottles and attractive labels etc.

A woman who was living a long time in a foreign country, due to tension or deficiency of food or maybe any other cause, her hair starts breaking, falling, and the skull will with dandruff. She started combing in her head, she found lots of hair coming in the comb. Anyone advised her for shaving her head and an innocent woman was ready to do so. Meanwhile, Nabvi (SAW) stopped her from doing so and Al-Hamdullilah provides her health. Some people are worried when their hair came to shorter than they want their hair should be long as such when they use “Tib-e-Nabvi Hair Oil” they fulfil their desire. Due to hair, some families face problems with marriage and other problems. For these problems, it is very good.

Readers said oil is very effective not only for disappointed people but also for dandruff on the skull, white hair before time, 2 branches of hair, hair fall, headache, tension, going to baled, and giddiness. It also increases eyesight and the feeling of easiness. If you use it constantly then you get relief from stroke, brain haemorrhage, and tension. In children, if it uses on a continual basis it strengthens memory, illness of amnesia, strengthens eyesight and soft hair, etc.

An unbelievable benefit: 

“Tib-e-Nabvi Hair Oil” is unbelievably effective for skin diseases and allergies, boil, acne, itching, ringworm, eczema, etc. Apply it on the whole body at night before sleep. If an illness is severe then apply in the morning and evening.

Dosage: Daily apply on the head and slowly massage with fingertips. “Tib-e-Nabvi Hair Oil” has no side effects, young and older can use it.

Price: Rs.400/- except postal charges.

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