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Tibbe Nibwi Husn wa Jamal (Cream) – Beauty Cream

Those males and females who are depressed use of medicines, creams, ointments, cosmetics, chemical-filled lotion, and makeup articles for their face beauty. For those who spent thousands of rupees to beautify their face, their face skin may be a disorder, stain on the face, wrinkles on the face, any type of new or old eczema, white pimples on the face like barely or prickle with pus, blue stain on the face, the skin of face dismembered on dry, pullulate of hair on face and stain of hiding, rough & tough skin and dull faces, mostly such diseases attack young boys and girls and took as worries as they use many sterilized cosmetics and ointment some time they get time being relief but whenever they left use of these sterilized cosmetics and ointment, pimples and wrinkles come back and due to under confidence they hiding their faces for such disappointed boys and girls, Idara Ubqari prepares Beauty Cream with the name “Tib-e-Nabvi Husn-o-Jamal Careem” with the pure natural Nabvi herbs. “Tib-e-Nabvi Husn-o-Jamal Careem” is the result of years of experiments. Continue use of this provides natural beauty to your face with the removal of all diseases of your face making your face fresh and bright.


Our Observation and Experiment with this Beauty Cream:

continued treatment of patients and experience of years make the cause of many experiments and observations such experiments and observation from the treatment of patients proved helpful for relief. In modern life, pollution effected on those parts of the body that are open and out of the face is standout. The face is the reflection of your temperament, a mirror of your one beauty, and shows internal desire. Everyone wants to be looking beautiful, my face looking fresh. It is not an exaggeration that from the first of the earth to today every human, whether man or woman, tries to his face look the most beautiful and fresh.

A modest woman visited Idara Akbari and during the discussion, she cried as much as she indulged in hiccup. At last, she informed me that in his teenage she was very beautiful but as she reached the age of young, pimples came out at her face, she paid no heed to it but these pimples large in size then she rush and used creams, lotion, and soap but unfortunately her face gone ugly. Calm down her, advised her for the use of “Tib-e-Nabvi Husn-o-Jamal Cream” and on use of it her face became clear and pimples removed as that never existed there. Similarly, lots of women spent hundreds of thousand rupees on the beauty of their face but they did not find anything except disappointment. In this situation “Tib-e-Nabvi Husn-o-Jamal Cream” is no less than a miracle.


The beautiful face became the dream:

Already wrote a letter to Ubqari, she described that her age is 22 years old, her skin is oily and pimples on her face have been coming out for last 10 years due to which ditches occurred on her face that looks too bad and now skin rashes on the face also came out and face looking, old age woman. She remains undertreated for a long but she is fed up and asks what to do because her dream to be beautiful could not come true. She asked for advice on any medicine and cream. She was so disturbed. She is advised to use “Tib-e-Nabvi Husn-o-Jamal Cream”, after some time using that cream, she is satisfied and sends a thanks letter.

The Beauty Cream “Tib-e-Nabvi Husn-o-Jamal” make astonishing. A man came with his daughter and said “Hakeem Sahib! My daughter uses expensive lotion etc. to increase her beauty. In fact, earlier my daughter has beautiful but she wants to be more beautiful, as such she applied these lotions on her face for some time her face looking so fresh that whoever sees her say amazing. We are also happy to see that our child become beautiful & happy but after someday small pimples and thin brown hair came on her face and my daughter, who is 18 years old looking 40 years old lady and wrinkle appear on the skin of the face.

Now, she and we also feel embarrassing, when one to see her and thought that what happened. She is unmarried.” I relaxed him and advised them to get used to her daughter of “Tib-e-Nabvi Husn-o-Jamal Cream”, further advised that she will not use anything else with this cream on her face. Parents follow the instructions and after some time, the parents of the daughter visited Idara Akbari and were informed that now their daughter’s face is clean, “Tib-e-Nabvi Husn-o-Jamal Cream” did an amazing job.


My complexion become white like milk: a sister wrote a letter and she informed in it as “I am a reader of your monthly Ubqari and I have confidence over medicine that write in Ubqari. I have been keenly interested in Ubqari and waiting for Ubqari every month. A day, we cousins, of same age group and class fellow, sit together and examine each other in the study, talking about here there then my cousin said that two months holidays are ahead why not you spend time on your beauty and I am also efforts to be more beautiful.

We decided who will be made her face white like milk. Later on, I take Ubqari and read all chapters about-face, and through a phone call, I brought “Tib-e-Nabvi Husn-o-Jamal Cream” and started to use it because I have confidence in Ubqari. After two months, when we cousins met with each other then my cousin said that really your face is looking white like milk and shining like the moon. She asked me and said is the magic you found? How much money do you spend on that beauty? Because my cousin used expensive items but its face complexion is still dull. I introduced Ubqari and informed them about the unbelievable effects of “Tib-e-Nabvi Husn-o-Jamal Cream”.


Appreciation of a woman to Ubqari: Today many things have been invented to beautify face but these articles are as expensive as common ladies have not approached to take it. It seems that beautification is in the approach of rich women only but the invention of “Tib-e-Nabvi Husn-o-Jamal Cream” gives a message of beauty to women of every community and faith. Any sister can purchase “Tib-e-Nabvi Husn-o-Jamal Cream” easily and be herself good-looking and beautiful. A woman sent an appreciation letter to Ubqari, she wrote “you made an amazing cream with the composition of Nabvi (SAW) herbs that cream providing benefits to the poor and middle-status community. No doubt Ubqari is the most generous helper for every problem and difficulty.”


We made attractive in the eye of husbands: many women call on the phone and many write letter who was disturbed from the problems of their faces, their husbands do not like them due to pimples and skin rashes on their face and due to only this reason issue reach up to divorce (Talaq) but the choice of “Tib-e-Nabvi Husn-o-Jamal Cream” and its use get reliefs from all problems of the face, make face beautiful and fresh. These women are saying that now they are attractive to their husbands.


Note: Women only can exhibit their beauty to their husbands only.


Price: Rs.350/- except postal charges.

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