Blood Pressure Shifa

Blood Pressure Shifa For Old Patients of Blood Pressure High blood pressure is a fatal disease that is spreading rapidly.

Cattle Treatment

Cattle Treatment: A New Life for Your Cattle Cattle Treatment is an amazing treatment that extends a new life to

Chehra Shifa – Face Healing

چہرے کے کیل‘مہاسے‘ دانے‘ جھائیاں‘ داغ دھبے‘ گڑھے‘ پیپ دار دانے‘ چہرے کی رنگت کا ماند پڑجانا‘ سیاہ حلقے یا

Children Syrup

بچے قوم کا سرمایہ ہیں اگر شروع میںہی ان کی نشونما اور توانائیوں کا خیا ل رکھاجائے تو بڑے ہوکر

Cholesterol Say Nijaat – Get Rid of Cholesterol Course

Cholesterol Say Nijaat Course Like high blood pressure, cholesterol is also a silent killer. Patients with cholesterol increasing in the

Chot Shifa – Wound Healing

ایکسیڈنٹ کی چوٹ ہو یا کسی حادثہ کی ہو‘ گرنے کی وجہ سے چوٹ لگے‘ رگڑ کی چوٹ ہو‘ بعض

Cool Powder, Thandak Powder – Prickly Heat Powder

Thandak Powder – (Prickly Heat Powder) Pakistan is among those ten countries in the world that sustain extreme and rapidly

Current Malish – Current Massage

ONLY FOR MEN From years of year people getting treatment from our Idara and such trust of patients, we exhibit all our patent medicine openly. In all of these medicines one of our researches is Current Malish. This “Current Malish” is the experience as a physician. I could not marry: many letters with this subject I received, many patients informed about them. In every letter, every patient is more embarrassing than other that shows that human is so helpless. It is realize that when a person could neither talk with anyone no one could take advice from other. Due to bad habits of teen, sexual movies, parties of uncivilized friends as such he goes in the other social evils. He was realize when he lost everything, realization of under confidence, whenever he enter in home, family members have no other issue except his marry but he could not marry. Such disappointed persons use “Current Malish” then a new wave of life passing in them. They feel healthy with 2 to 3 droppers. It remedies all deficiency of vessels and muscles and strengthens it. A man visited Idara Ubqari and said “I am 45 years old, professor in College, I am not so old, I have no shortage food but since last 3 years I feel less power in sexual desire, whenever I ready for intercourse at that time I am feeling young but I could not satisfy myself and my better half. I started use of “Current Malish” with “Taqati” tablets and after some days, we feel youngness again.” “Current Malish” is prepared with precious oil seeds, those may make older to young and young to more powerful. Chemical medicine, spray, mercury, chew gum and other harmful medicine may died thin arteries and sensitive parts to special organ (Genital) due to which these things remove senses of special organ and such a dangerous condition “Current Malish” provide remedies to special organ and provide amazing power. It prolongs timing as much you want. It provides natural power instead of artificial. Due to old inability, treatment is slow so that you may use some dropper with satisfaction. Insha Allah you will found forever benefit. Price: Rs.500/- except postal charges.

Dardi Herbal Baam

دردی ہربل بام ایسا بام جو جسم کے انگ انگ سے درد نکال پھینکے‘ چلنے پھرنے کے قابل بنائے اور

Depression Package – Depinol

Depression Package Mental stress, break down of nervous system, business and financial problems, domestic issues and someone due to social

Desi Cream – Natural Cream

Desi Cream Natural tested treatment for pimple, face skin rashes, stains, and spots   The face is the reflection of