Hazim e Khas (Powder) – Digeston

HAZIM KHAS No doubt, Allah makes every organ of the human body effective and efficient but stomach is the center of all organs of the body, there is no other medicine except “Hazim Khas” that take stomach balance because “Hazim Khas” is tasteful and have unique in their benefits. Such tasteful powder is need of every home. Whether you in home, office, in journey, at picnic point, hotel and in marriage ceremony even everywhere it is necessary. “Hazim Khas” may secure from your stomach from avoidable food. “Hazim Khas” is the recommended formula of Nawab of Bhopal Asif Jah. The fact about this formula is as whenever table of food decorate with different kind of foods and such every food fill with royal taste and smell as you could not abstain from food. Duke temperament, there is not labour, walking for miles is impossible that digest food. In such situation it removes burden from stomach and make food able to absorb in body. Royal physician invented exclusive formula that is tasteful and effective for digestion of food. Only minor quantity of medicine, provide effect relief and remove burden from stomach and heart open like flower. It is amazing that the formula tested from centuries and those tested it who found effective it. Duck temperaments and harsh temperaments persons may also use it equally. Today, human movement is equal to nil in this condition such royal powder is amazing. Stomach healthy then body healthy: We feel taste of food when stomach is healthy because if stomach is healthy then human can also be healthy. If stomach is ill then whole food did not effect on body. Indigestion, vomiting, twitch, irritation of chest, nervous and mental weakness, constipation complain, air in stomach, gas, batching, motion, burden on chest and feeling irritation on rib, due to nausea feeling hardship, unrest feeling of light pain in belly and these elements of keep performance of stomach balance due to which other diseases attacks. In this situation, people use salt drink and taking any other things but these things are useless whereas “Hazim Khas” is most effective in this situation because it is one of the medicines from other medicines of Greek that keep stomach healthy. It provides power to digestive system and food digest to gain health and energy instead of wasted food. Hazim Khas remove gas and irritation and provide relief. This medicine has no side effect. It is provided equally relief to all and every person whether younger or older, male or female of a home. It may take place in the purse of women and valet of man. Particularly, after rain some new diseases came out and laid down many people at bed. At this time it is necessary to keep “Hazim Khas” at home.Once a mill owner visited at Idara Ubqari, who was my friend also, when ask him about his business, he said that he have a problem that all his labour involved in stomach disorder, after some days their stomach came in order but due to which he facing problems. I advised him for “Hazim Khas” for his labour. After some time, he again visited and said that you gave me the gift, first of all my family declared it precious tonic and then mill labour also satisfy and happy with me and now I distributed one packet to each labour as bonus with salary. “Hazim Khas” is not a medicine, it is packet of magic. A gentleman also visited at Idara Ubqari and said that he was suffering from hemorrhoid, he remains abstain from food that may cause harm to my health but whenever potato, rice, meat or any other spicy food cook at his home; he feel irritation at anal. Digestive system has already disturbed and after many efforts he cool down stomach. Once, he visited at the house of his friend, where he arrange different spicy foods dishes, I tried to avoid from eating such food but his friend insisted to take food and said that I have packet of magic it will remain maintain your digestive system. He eats food as he like. After eating he asked his friend to take out magic packet as his friend give him a packet of “Hazim Khas”, one he and his friend took. He feel normal, nothing happen to him. He asked the secret of this magic packet, than his friend introduce and gifted a packet of “Hazim Khas”. He constant used it for a period than his hemorrhoid eliminated completely. Relief from joints and muscle pain: I am reader of Monthly Ubqari, my stomach remain disorder. I means whatever I eat nothing digest, batching, irritation in chest and remain suffering in this condition for 2 to 3 hours and take relief by soda water. With the passage of time I become the center of diseases, now there is no part of my body where I am not feeling pain and every time I am crying due to pain. You launch “Hazim Khas”, I bought it for digestive system. Use it a weak, it make me surprise, it not only provide relief for digestive problems but also relief me from pain of my body as well as muscle pain. Now I am feeling light and healthy like a flower. Now I am using it continuously. (A sister, Sargodha) Uric Acid maintained: my uric acid is remain increase due to which I feel pain in my joints, heels and whole body, many medicine taken but no one control over my Uric Acid. Some day use “Hazim Khas” then Uric Acid came under control and relief from pains. (Habibullah, Gujranwala. Free from obesity with “Hazim Khas”: obesity is the disease that may ruin beauty and personality of female and male. In modern era, to abstain from obesity or for relief from obesity, slimming course and chemical medicine has been prepared. But innocent people did not know the fact that from these courses and chemical may obscenity be removed but its side effects also appear. “Hazim Khas” has specialty that it remove obesity without any side effects, make attractive and smart by removing extra fat from body, removing filthy substances and contaminated fluid from body. For removal of obesity from women “Hazim Khas” is special gift. A woman during clinic time visited and said “Hakeem Sahib please gave me any dose for removal of obesity but it should be in small quantity”. I advised her for “Hazim Khas”. After some time with happy again visited and said “Hakeem Sahib “Hazim Khas” is the blessing for my obesity. After it make my belly light and fill energy in my body. Relief in 70 diseases: constipation is also called mother of 70 diseases. Constipation is the main cause of hemorrhoid, joints pain, constant headache and other diseases. “Hazim Khas” is keeping its own quality, to drain out filthy substances particularly moles of hemorrhoids. It provided relief from constant hemorrhoids, twitching in abdomen and constipation without feeling heaviness. You should use for some times. Golden rules to make stomach healthy: don’t eat anything without hungry, whenever eat stop eating before filling full appetite. Lemon, soda or ice wasted power of stomach, there is no harm if use some time but not frequently. Arranging different type of food on table of food is not the symbol of richness or hosting but it is enmity with health. Taking food on time is maintaining health whereas eating food in small quantities frequently is harmful for health. Note: it is best of those people who doing table work. It is most effective for obesity, beneficial for male and female equally even it is also effective for heart dieses, mental stress. Dosage: Half table spoon with water. Price: Rs.120/- except postal charges.

Hepatitis Course

Hepatitis Course Treatment of Hepatitis is the most expensive after Cancer. Patient taking expensive injections for years but Hepatitis whether

Hepatitis Nijat Syrup- Hepatits Cure Syrup – (Liverton)

HEPATITIS SAY NIJAT SYRUP            (Relief from Hepatitis Syrup) Today most people suffering in hepatitis and there is hepatitis virus everywhere. It is silent killer and slow poison. It weak immunity and liver system, yellow whole body, yellow urine, white or dusty stool, constipation or motion, pain at liver and some time patient seeing everything yellow. Ailment increases and converts in cancer. Allah creates treatment for every disease through natural herbs whereas in this scientific era, treated patients with technology through more expensive injections but these injections could not provide relief patient from hepatitis. We collect natural herbs take out their juice in shape of syrup through homemade and natural methods. That syrup has natural test without any chemical. Hepatitis patients who tested many medicines for hepatitis, spent millions and disappointed, when they use “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup” and after that get laboratory report, they are surprised their hepatitis gradually remove and after some time he gain complete health. Bitter test but sweet effect: test of “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup” is bitter but don’t worry, use it with confidence because this syrup is very effective and relievable. It removes constipation, restore liver functions due to this stool may pass for black or yellow color till then wastage will not took out from stomach and liver, hepatitis will not eliminate. Someday pass stool black or yellow colour then gradually came on its natural colour, this is sign of hepatitis treatment. Sensitive patients, if they feel exhausted then they may reduce quantity of medicine instead of stop medication. Complete Course of Hepititis A.B.C. for Rs.1200: Complete Course of “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup” is 10 bottles of Rs.120/- each i.e. Rs.1200/-. These 10 bottles enough for treatment of Hepatitis A.B.C. This course gain health to patient who lay down on death bed. It root out hepatitis instead of provide time being relief. It clean liver, remove its deficiency and provide immunity as such liver start functioning and cleaning blood and blood looking on face as health. Patient is also feels better and healthy. Syrup is treatment of hepatitis and blood making machine: a proper quantity of blood in the body remain it healthy. Unfortunately, you feel that facial skin going to be yells and rough, shortness of breath feel on walk, tiredness and irritation of hands & feet, loss of appetite, acute thrust, yellow layer on tongue, laziness are the symptoms of liver disorder. Don’t delay and use “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup”. With the grace of Allah, after some day of use yellowness of eyes & face will turn in pink, tiredness & weakness turn in activeness & strength and liver make blood in bulk. At this moment, after cancer, treatment of Hepititis is the most expensive due to which million of patients die without treatment. Good news, treatment for these disappointed patients is only for Rs.1200/-. In letter, phone calls and meetings, people telling that “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup” give new life to poor people. Many patients after treatment of Hepatitis said as “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup is as inexpensive as give result in shape of health.” Many Hakeems, Doctors and readers of Ubqari introducing “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup” to patients of hepatitis and provide treatment to helpless and frustrated people. A widow, who have 2 sons and 5 daughters, her elder son was driver and was the only supporter of whole family, he has children also. Unfortunately, due to eating food at hotels he was suffering illness and lay down on bed. Later, it reveals that he is suffering in hepatitis as such all money they have spent on his treatment. As introduction, 10 bottles of “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup” was given to him by Idara Ubqari. By the grace of Allah, after taking 3 bottles, he started driving again and after using all 10 bottles he become healthy and normal. We receive like this many stories about “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup”. A man came with a hepatitis patients, he was belong to middle class family. He informed that earlier he was suffering in jaundice, treatment started but it increased and become Hepatitis “C”. He got treatment but everywhere he was disappointed. I advised him for “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup” and informed that 10 bottles of syrups is only for Rs.1200/-. That man smiles and says “Hakeem Sahib whether hepatitis patient may get treatment from bottles of only Rs.1200/-.” He did not believe on it. However, after some day, patients himself visited at Ubqari Office and informs as “my hepatitis report is normal”. “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup” is suitable for everyone. It has no side effect. For beauty of face and obesity: obesity, and facial pimple, spots and skin rashes make beauty dull and personality unattractive, use “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup” because it make better performance of liver, liver cleaning blood and blood make face fresh, soft and attractive. Don’t know how many people say that on use of “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup” their facial pimple, skin rashes, spots and, facial stain and obesity also remove. A lot of people through letters, calls and meeting saying that by “Hepatitis Nijat Syrup” they get relief from obesity and constipation. Price: Rs.150/-

Hi Blood Pressure Course – BLOPRE

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE KAY MAYOOS MARIZON KAY LIYA COURSE: (Course for the disappointed high blood pressure patients) Effective cure for dangerous diseases those existing in our society Apparently, modern era of machine and technology provide number of facilities but in fact it is such a curse that after keeping all facilities of life and these facilities make helpless particularly attack of diseases and out of these diseases that makes human helpless is high blood pressure. Due to high blood pressure a normal persons may suffering in giddiness, sleeplessness, distracted from environment time to time or keeping quarrel with one and after that feeling regret or remain in embarrass feeling. It is necessary for these persons to get treated of high blood pressure. After sometime, patient of high blood pressure say himself that he is helpless because till then he did not take medicine, blood pressure did not control. It is good news for such helpless patients that they take advantage from pure and natural herbs and get forever relief from blood pressure. Price: Rs.600/- except postal charges.

Husan Shifa Syrup


حسن شفاء سیرپ (چند بوتلیں‘ نیا حسن‘ نئی زندگی اور نیا اعتماد) مردوں اور عورتوں کے چہرے کے حسن و جمال کیلئے کیل مہاسے ‘ چھائیاں‘ داغ دھبے‘ غیرضروری بال اور جھریاں زہر ہیں۔ آج ہر انسان چھوٹا ہو یا بڑا اپنا چہرہ بنانے کیلئے کوشاں ہے اور خاص طور پر خواتین کے میک اپ سےمتعلقہ چیزیں تو پوری دنیا میں سب سے زیادہ چل رہی ہیں لیکن مسئلہ وہی کا وہی ہے کیونکہ کریمیں اور لوشن وغیرہ کا فائدہ اس وقت ہوتا ہے جب اندر کا نظام ٹھیک ہو ’’حسن شفاء سیرپ‘‘ ایک ایسی لاجواب ایجاد ہےجو خون کو شیشہ کی طرح صاف کرتا ہے جگر کے فعل کو درست کرکے پورے جسم میں صاف خون سپلائی کرتا ہے جب اندر صاف ہوگا ت باہر اس کے اثرات بھی صاف ہوں گے۔ ایسے کئی مریض حسن شفاء سیرپ سے ٹھیک ہوئے جو بالکل مایوس ہوگئے تھے۔ ان کاخواب بن گیا تھا کہ ہمارا چہرہ بھی کبھی صاف شفاف اور نکھرا ہوا ہوگا یا نہیں۔ چند بوتلیں حسن شفاء کے استعمال نے اس شفابخشی داغ دھبے، جھریوں، چھائیوں جلد کے کھردرے پن کیلئے حسن شفاء سیرپ بہترین دوا ہے۔ایسی خواتین مرد، لڑکےو لڑکیاں جنہوں نے مصنوعی کیمیکل فاسٹ فوڈ اور گرم اشیاء کھا کھا کر اپنی چہرے کی رنگت خراب کردی ہو اور بجائے اصل سبب دور کرنے کے یعنی کریموں، لوشنز وغیرہ سے علاج کررہے ہوں ایسے مریض تسلی سے اور کچھ عرصہ حسن شفاء سیرپ کا استعمال کریں جب اندرونی طور پر خون صاف ہوگا تو باہر سے بھی چہرہ صاف‘ جھریاں ختم‘ داغ دھبے دانے ختم ہوجائیں گے۔پرانی سے پرانی خارش‘ الرجی‘ زخم بن گئے ہوں‘ جسم پر پھنسیاں ہوں ان تمام امراض میں ’’حسن شفاء سیرپ‘‘ سچی شفاء دیتا ہے۔پرانے زخم، داد، ایگزیمیا، چنبل، شوگر سے ہونے والے زخم، بیڈسول کے زخم کے مریض بھی ’’حسن شفاء سیرپ‘‘ تسلی سےاستعمال کریں۔ ایسی خواتین جن کا ہارمونز کا نظام ٹھیک نہیں ہوتا اور حیض وقت پرنہیں آتا۔ ان کیلئے ’’حسن شفاء سیرپ‘‘ بہت کارٓآمد ہے کیونکہ حیض کی خرابی بھی خون کی خرابی کی نشانی ہے۔ کسی سٹرائیڈ یا کیمیکل کے استعمال سے چہرہ اور جلد پر داغ دھبے ہوگئے ہوں‘ پرانے دانے زخم کی شکل اختیار کرگئے ہوں‘ ’’حسن شفاء سیرپ‘‘ نبوی جڑی بوٹیوں کا ایسا لاجواب نسخہ ہے جو جسم میں تیزابی اور زہریلے مادے ختم کرکے بغیر سائیڈ ایفیکٹ کے لاکھوں مریضوں پر آزمایا گیا ہے اور مفید پایا ہے۔ ایک دفعہ آپ آزمائیں۔ عبقری کی ادویات کے سوفیصد رزلٹ پر لوگوں کو شبہ ہوتا ہے کہ شاید اس میں اسٹرائیڈ یا انگریزی ادویات پیس کر شامل کی گئی ہیں لیکن الحمدللہ عبقری ادویات خالص دیسی جڑی بوٹیوں سے پوری مقدار اور مکمل نگرانی میں تیار کی جاتی ہیں۔ کئی لوگوں نے اپنے اطمینان کیلئے عبقری ادویات کے لیبارٹری ٹیسٹ بھی کروائے اور الحمدللہ عبقری کی ادویات ہر قسم کے اسٹرائیڈ سے پاک ثابت ہوئی ہیں۔ قیمت صرف 120 روپے علاوہ ڈاک خرچ۔

Johar Shifa e Madina (Powder) – Cure of all Diseases

JAUHAR-E-SHIFA MADINA  Treatment for everything except death Such a precious treasure of healing, most of these herbs choose from Nabvi

Josh Joshanda

(اسپیشل آفر) فی ساشے قیمت :10روپے  پچیس(24)ساشے کاپیکٹ صرف 240 روپے میں جوش جوشاندہ نزلہ ‘زکام‘ فلوہر قسم کے بخار‘گلے

Kamar, Joron or Pathon Ka Dard Course – Joint Pain Course – Arthotec

KAMAR DARD, JORON KAY DARD KA COURSE(Course for backache, joint & muscles pain) Why are we live in backache and pain of joint & muscles? Joint pain, backache or muscles pain old or new, you belong to any age group, whether you are fed-up with taking different medicine, inefficient performance of the body or you hopeless from life then all of such diseases and ailments a course of medicine has been designed with the name of “Kamar, Dard, Joron Kay Dard ka Course”. Medicines of this course are no side effect, prepared from pure herbs. The course makes your body light, sound, free from joints pain and other pains. All those patients who using belt or using special bed for their back, due to joint pain they could not perform their pray, and unable to fulfill their needs, “Kamar, Dard, Joron Kay Dard ka Course” is gift for them and message of happiness and healthiness, they use it with trust and confidence. The medicine in this course is more effective for those patients also whose hand and feet turned due to weakness of bones and joints after that course with continuity they provide them sound health. Besides, “Kamar, Dard, Joron Kay Dard ka Course” keep your body energize, strengthen and fit. If you taking physician’s medicine prior to use of “Kamar, Dard, Joron Kay Dard ka Course” then you did not stop it but stop it gradually. Price: Rs.800/- except postal charges (medicine for 15 days)

Khatoon Shifa Syrup

Khatoon Shifa Syrup – Haiz ki Bay Qaidgi Ka Aakhri Ilaj In women, diseases belong to menstruation like irregular period,