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Ubqari medicines online store:

Ubqari laboratories have an organizational aim to escort original herbal medicine to the patients. Ubqari laboratories have glad to set up more than 110 medicines, across a wide range of illnesses and diseases.

This is dominant to realize that human illnesses are either due to ALLAH will or through a person’s own negligence.

 Karamati Tail - Wonder Oil - Stamin

Amazidshop online store:

Here at amazidshop store have all types of Ubqari medicines under one roof. We provide any type of Ubqari medicine with authenticity and a 100% pure guarantee. We have different ubqari medicines such as blood pressure Shifa, Sattar shifain, pathri dialysis course, thandi murad, hepatitis course, Hazim Khas, banafshi qehwa, mahram sakun, karamati tail and much more. So; you can buy any product only with one call.

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Amazidshop online store has a wide range of medicines. We are serving people for the last few years. Amazidshop store expands day by day. Now we are the one leading retail medicine store of Pakistan with own existence in Karachi and all over Pakistan.

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Ubqari medicines & diseases:

These medicines end up pain quickly and make the patient healthy. Mostly These medicines are in the form of powder, oil and syrup. Some medicines details are given below.

1. Sattar shifayain, johar shifa e madina:

  • These medicines are used for lung cancer treatment.


  • Take sattar shifain medicine in mouth every hour in a day.
  • Use the medicine following to the written instructions.

Treatment period:

  • Use medicine for some weeks or months.

2. Fishari or blood pressure shifa:

  • Used for high blood pressure treatment.


  • Take medicines according to the instructions.
  • The amount of medicine can be reduced or increased according to condition.
  • If use of medicine brought change in the condition it means disease is coming out as natural remedies.

Treatment period:

  • Use medicine for few days or few weeks.

3. Khoon safaa, thandi muraad, marham sakoon:

  • This ubqari medicine used for pimples, acne on face, freckles and allergy.


  • Apply a little bit amount of marham sakoon on your face in morning and evening.
  • Use medicine according to the written prescription.
  • The amount or medicine can increase or decrease according to situation.

Treatment period:

  • Apply sakoon marham for some days, weeks, or months.

4. Ankh shifa, johar shifa e madina, roshan dimagh:

  • This ubqari medicine used for the treatment of week eye sight.

5. Marham sakoon:

  • Used for cracked lips.

6. Hazim khaas, thandi muraad:

  • Used for stomach pain, indigestion and gas trouble treatment.

7. Hepatitis nijat syrup, hepatitis course:

  • Used for hepatitis treatment or contraction and enlargement of liver, liver cancer, ascites.

8. Nojawan rog course:

  • This ubqari medicine used for bladder heat and problems of adult treatment.

9.  Shifa e hairat, banafshi qehwa:

  • This ubqari medicine used for cure of tonsillitis.

10. tib-e-Nabvi hair oil, khoon safaa:

  • Used for the treatment of hair loss, damage hair, dandruff.

We have all types of ubqari medicines in our store. If you have any query about medicines please discuss with us. We are always hare for your help.

Delivery and quality:

We work day and night only for our customers. We provide 100% original and authentic medicine to our local and international customers. We provide products with 7 days returnable option. We can provide you very fast delivery as your requirement. We provide each and every detail about the product and your shipment. For further details please visit our website and contact us.

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