Which Bluetooth Speakers Should I Get?

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

A Bluetooth speaker is an excellent investment for many reasons. The Bluetooth speaker can be used in a variety of settings, such as at home, on the go, or outdoors. A wireless Bluetooth speaker is also useful for different occasions, like when you are hosting a party or cooking dinner. Plus, speakers are not just limited to music but also work well with podcasts and audiobooks.

A speaker will often last longer than other technological devices that may only last months before needing to be replaced. This means that your money spent on speakers can save you money over time because it won’t need to be continually invested in new electronics every few months!

Things to consider

There are many different Bluetooth speaker brands in Pakistan, making it quite hard to find the right speaker. The speaker you get really depends on what your speaker needs are. First, ask yourself:

  • What is your budget?
  • And how much do you want to spend?
  • Do you need a very loud speaker or rather something that’s less powerful?
  • Do you need a speaker that has portability and can be moved around, or does it just need to sit in one spot?
  • If you’re moving around and taking your speaker with you, do you want a Bluetooth speaker that attaches to items like bikes or backpacks?

There are all kinds of extra features to consider when looking for the speaker that is right for you. For instance, if you are looking to play music in your garden, it might be wise to get a speaker that has an outdoor speaker feature. In this case, your speaker will be safe it is left out in the rain! Other features speakers might have include:

  1. The speaker can connect with multiple devices at once (multipoint pairing).
  2. Built-in microphone, speakerphone, capability.
  3. The power bank feature enables you to charge your device on the speaker when you’re not using it to play music.
  4. IPX7 water resistance.
  5. Able to link two speakers together for a more powerful speaker sound.

These are many things that need to be considered! But don’t worry, we have done all the research to help you pick the right Bluetooth speaker that you will enjoy for a long time.

Best Bluetooth speaker for heavy bass

JBL speaker’s Bluetooth speaker is one of our favorites. This JBL speaker has an excellent bass with 2 x 10W drivers, which makes this speaker very loud and fun to play with.

We found that JBL speakers, in general, were durable, had long battery life, and clear sound quality – even when turned up to the highest volume! JBL Bluetooth speaker has speakerphone capabilities, so you can actually talk on the phone through your speaker! These are also compatible with both iOS and Android systems, as well as Windows devices.

Best Bluetooth speakers with longer battery life

The Anker speaker is a speaker with battery bank functionality, making it perfect for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. This Bluetooth speaker in Pakistan comes with a 1000mAh lithium-ion battery that can deliver up to 24 hours of playtime at low volumes or 8 hours on high volume.

Bluetooth speakers with longer battery life

You can even use this speaker as your personal power bank, so you don’t have to worry about your phone dying while you’re trying to enjoy your music!

The speaker has a built-in microphone that gives you speakerphone capabilities. This speaker is working perfectly with iOS, Android devices, and Windows devices.

Bose Bluetooth Speaker in Pakistan

Bose speakers are known for their great sound and sturdy design. They come in different speaker types and designs, each speaker type catering to a specific speaker use. Bose speaker types include SoundLink, Roommate OontZ, Cue II, Table II speaker, and many more speaker types.

Bose speaker designs range from portable speaker to speaker with a built-in rechargeable battery to a speaker with a micro-USB port for charging.

The Bose SoundLink is a speaker, which can be used anywhere safely. The speaker weighs 1 pound, making it light enough to carry around but heavy enough to make it sturdy.

It offers 12 hours of battery life. It possesses a speakerphone, which makes it easy to take calls with the speaker. The speaker also has voice prompts for speaker connections and battery levels, making your daily usage more convenient. This speaker is available at Rs 30,499 in Pakistan.

Bluetooth speaker price in Pakistan

We all know that speaker price in Pakistan is not really cheap; however, Bluetooth speaker prices in Pakistan are comparatively lower. Now the question arises which Bluetooth speaker in Pakistan I should get? Many people have their own preferences on speaker size, speaker quality, speaker brand, etc. So there are different speaker options available for users based on their preferences.

You can get an excellent JBL Speaker in the range of about 2,350 to 70,000 PKR. Some speaker brands are not available at all locations, so you can research Bluetooth speaker prices in Pakistan to ensure you get the speaker at the lowest possible price.

Other Bluetooth speaker brands like Creative Labs speaker price in Pakistan starts from about 2,000 PKR and go up to 35000 PKR. LG speaker prices start from 5000 PKR and go up to 35000 PKR. Sony speaker prices in Pakistan start from about 15,000 PKR and go up to 55000 PKR.

If you compare speaker prices in Pakistan with speaker brands like Altec Lansing, then it is comparatively more expensive as they start from about 27,000 PKR.

If speaker quality is more important to you and speaker price in Pakistan is not your primary concern, then Bluetooth speaker brands like Bose are for you, starting from about 70,000 PKR.

However, speaker prices in Pakistan for Bluetooth speaker brands like Logitech Bluetooth speaker price starts from 9000 PKR, and speaker price in Pakistan for speaker brands like Creative Labs Bluetooth speaker price range starts from about 2,000 PKR. Bluetooth speaker prices Pakistan for speaker brands like Harman Kardon starts from the 11,000 PKR range.


Today speaker price in Pakistan varies according to speaker brand, speaker type, speaker function, and speaker quality. Some speaker brands are better based on build quality, others based on bass, music quality, and battery life. Whatever your preferences, we hope you found this article helpful. You can also contact us.

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