Which devices can a smartwatch connect to, and how?


A Smartwatch is an excellent investment for everybody because it provides a variety of features that can improve productivity and quality of life. Furthermore, it is important to know how to connect smartwatch with mobile and use it with different devices in order to maximize its potential.

A smartwatch can connect to:

  1. Mobile Phone (Android and Apple)
  2. Tablet
  3. Bluetooth Speaker and Headphones/Earbuds
  4. Internet through Wi-Fi

A smartwatch can be connected with different devices; however, once paired with a device, it will stay connected to that device only, and if you wish to use it with something else, you will need to unpair it first. However, some smartwatches that offer voice (wireless phone calls) and music playback can be connected to multiple devices like earbuds, headphones, and wireless speakers.

How to connect a smartwatch with Android Phone?

Connecting a smartwatch to an Android phone is the easiest of all. Let us see how you can pair your Android mobile smartphone with your new smartwatch:

1) Go into Settings on your phone.

2) Scroll down until you find “Bluetooth” or “Connectivity.”

3) Tap Bluetooth to turn it On.

4) Wait for the list of devices to show up.

5) Find the device labeled as “Watch Name (This Device)”

6) Click on it; this will initiate a connection.

7) Once connected, head to the Watch application. Each watch has its dedicated application that can be easily found and installed from the Play Store.

8) Either your smartwatch will show up in the App itself, or you may need to scan the watch screen containing a QR Code to pair it with the application.

9) Your watch App may ask you or recommend your Goals. These goals include the number of steps per day, the number of calories you wish to burn, and the target weight you want to achieve.

10) If your watch support answering phone calls, the Android OS will ask permission to grant it access. Similarly, Notifications and File/Storage permissions may also be needed. You may allow these permissions.

How to connect a smartwatch with an Android Tablet?

A smartwatch can also be connected to your Android Tablet as well. As mentioned before, a watch will share its data with only one device at a time. So before proceeding, decide which device you wish to connect to the smartwatch, your phone, or tablet?


Below are the steps to connect your smartwatch to your Android tablet:

1) Open up your tablet’s Settings.

2) Scroll down and find the Bluetooth option. If it does not exist, don’t fret; it may be hidden in some menus under Connectivity. This step is similar to one performed on the phone.

3) Swipe down from the top of the screen one more time to pull down the Android notifications menu.

4) Tap on “Show Notifications” to allow it to show how-to steps on your watch’s display; this is not required but will make your life easier during pairing.

5) Turn on Bluetooth if it is not tuned on already.

6) Make sure that the smartwatch you wish to connect is within the range of your tablet.

7) In case your watch prompts you for a PIN, enter 0000 or 1234 if asked; its default passcode. This will change to another number on some watches, and you may need to use that number instead.

8) Once connected, head to your app drawer and find the Watch App.

9) Tap on it. This will launch your watch’s companion application.

10) Your smartwatch may prompt you to accept the terms and conditions page before proceeding. If it does not automatically connect, head to the Bluetooth settings, select your device from there, tap on “Connect,” wait until it’s connected, then return to your App.

11) On your watch, accept the terms and conditions page if prompted before continuing to connect with the application.

12) Your watch will notify you when it’s successfully paired with the tablet. Tap on “Done.”

How to connect a smartwatch with an iPhone?

If you own an Apple watch, then connecting it to the iPhone is a breeze. Just open the watch app already on your iPhone, bring your apple watch close to your iPhone, and follow the on-screen instructions. However, if you wish to pair any other smartwatch to your iPhone, we recommend installing its companion app first from the App Store. Once installed, turn on your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection. You can turn on Bluetooth by sliding down your finger from the right side of your iPhone or from the settings.

Turn on your smartwatch and let it go pairing mode. Choose the watch name from the companion app on your iPhone and let it pair. Each watch is different; however, it will display all the steps you needed to pair it on the screen.

How to connect a smartwatch with Bluetooth Headphones/Earbuds?

If your headphone/earbud is a Bluetooth device, then it can be connected with a smartwatch. How to connect the two electronics directly depends on the brand of headphones/earbuds and your smartphone.

Typically, a headphone or earbud has a button on it that helps you pair the device to your devices. Turn on your smartwatch’s connection and put your headphones/earbuds in pairing mode. On the watch screen, when your device shows up, select it to connect to it.

Once connected, you’ll be able to enjoy music from your smartwatch through the headphones or the earbuds. Using a smartwatch for music allows you handsfree access, and you do not need to pull out your bulky smartphone from your pocket every time you need to Play/Pause or change the music track.

How to connect a smartwatch with Bluetooth Speaker?

Connecting your smartwatch to a Bluetooth speaker is almost identical to connecting it to headphones/earbuds. A Bluetooth speaker is the easiest way to bring the party to anywhere you go. Whether you are at the poolside or sitting around a fire pit, you can now blast loud and good-quality music wirelessly.

A large variety of Bluetooth speakers are available in the market (online and offline) and can be easily paired with your smartwatch. Having a speaker paired to the smartwatch allows you to enjoy the music and also dance freely. You can be the DJ on the floor with everyone else.

Pairing your smartwatch with the Bluetooth speaker is easy. Head to the Bluetooth connection settings on your watch, turn the connection On, put your speaker in pairing mode, and wait for it to pop up on your watch’s screen. Once shown, select it and wait to hear the “din” sound, indicating that a connection is established. You can come to the dance floor with your friends and enjoy.

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