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Zarghwani Naqrai

Duke’s formula is for creating revolutionary power in the body.


Most effective formula for lots of diseases:

“Zarghawani Naqrai” is a royal formula of Islamic medicine that was prepared specially for Kings, Dukes, Landlords, and rich persons. Whenever Kings or Dukes suffer from illness, royal physicians or practitioners gather and counsel to prepare a formula for many diseases, its dose should be less in quantity & volume, more benefits for the health of Kings, Dukes, etc. Out of these Royal formulas, one is “Zarghawani Naqrai”, it is free from every kind of poisonous compound or substances, sterilized, etc. it is a composition of pure local herbs and silver. A packet of 10 tablets is the composition of unbelievable magic. Such a tonic that absorbs in every part of the body and body says itself that I am healthy, fresh, and strong. It is such a blessing that heal every part of the body spiritually and physically.

On using “Zarghawani Naqrai”, get unbelievable powers in body and remain strong and healthy till old age. The person took an interest in working hard.  Body of those patients who became yells after treatment of severe illness, blood deficiency, deprivation of strength & health and the body was weak, in such a situation “Zarghawani Naqrai” will prove light in the dark. “Zarghawani Naqrai” gave new life to the body, freshness to the heart, removing tiredness, maintain digestive system, and enriched sexual power by remedying reproduction substances. It strengthens muscles.

“Zarghawani Naqrai” by rectifying the weakness of every part of the body and making it a healthy person. Everyone who belongs to any age group or temperament may use it in any weather. The modern age made everything machine. Journey of years passed in hours and minutes. Human ages become short but wish long. Everything is done in seconds. Quickness is temperament. People are confused about the increasing problems of life. Every human trying to go ahead with the passage of time but their health going down because fast life did not allow them to take attention to health. Fast life provides many facilities with a number of nerve diseases due to which humans face more stress. I

n the race of becoming first, greediness, far from religion, dissatisfaction and tiredness make nerve system weak and at last, it appears in the shape of emotional and nervous disease for example stress, depression, confusion in business, trading psychological problems, domestic problems, lack of sleep, sexual debility, loss of appetite, feeling the full stomach, irritation in food pipe, a burden on the chest on breath, uncertainty, up & down shoulder pain, neck & back pain, headache, unconsciousness of body parts, dull life, in such situation person become unrest. In view of these problems, the “Zarghawani Naqrai” compound prepare with precious and priceless herbs, it is a royal tonic for the body.  In the whole world people searching for such an effective, certified, and researched formula that not only raised their mental abilities but also strengthens and provides effectiveness to their nervous system, particularly their sexual abilities, converting tiredness of the whole day into comfort.

On observation, it is learned that due to day-by-day problems, illness, depression, and workload, men feel loser and sexless. In this condition, one should maintain confidence with a mental condition and never give up. In this situation, he should maintain his physical and mental abilities by his immune system and performs its sexual role normally. “Zarghawani Naqrai” is the composition of precious medicines that make the nervous system alert like electricity. These tablets are unbelievably effective for special power. The very first dose of “Zarghawani Naqrai” proves its effect, increasing strength more than expected and making the heart the center of luxuries activities. Loser and disappointed patients get real pleasure.

A life free from body pain:

Joints, muscles, tissues, and nerves have basic relation with movement and activities of the human body, Energy is the other name of strengthening of these. With the passage of time joints become dry and rough as well as tissues and nerves in and around joints make slow his movement by disappearing. As such, the patient feels severe pain in the joints. The cause of this pain is the use of oily and substandard food and less exercise so that food did not absorb its body. So undigested food creates problems in the drainage system due to which particles those have to take out from urine started accumulating in the body and placing with gelatinous substance in joints as such joints pain started and increase with time.

A man who came from Dubai, told me about his illness that he was going more than 50 years, his whole life he works hard and now rest and comfort days come but his health did not allow him. He going to be weak and nervous system slow, feeling exhaustion during a walk, feeling legs unconsciously, sometime feeling sweet and severe pain in the body, passing many days on the bed. He requested medicine that be his body active and could perform his work in a better manner. He also urged that for a long time his special power is also weakened.

Some packets of “Zarghawani Naqrai” gave him and asked to use. He used these packets of “Zarghawani Naqrai” and got such health as he surprise himself. Causes of illness are different from country to country, somewhere hot, somewhere cold, somewhere moisture in the air and somewhere dry air so that every medicine not suitable for every country but “Zarghawani Naqrai” have a specialty, it has no restriction on the patient to take it anywhere of the world. With the grace of God, it is the source of health for every illness. It proves very effective in Arab countries also.

Note: It is pure local medicine; there is no restriction to take it in any country of the world. “Zarghawani Naqrai” is very effective for joint pain and muscles pains particularly to make alert lifeless parts. Its use maintains the balance of Uric Acid in blood. It raises the supply of blood at the place of pain. “Zarghawani Naqrai” is the best for backache and leg pain. It is a priceless gift even for most severe pain. It maintains spinal bone. Besides, when a pregnant woman could not tolerate the pain of the uterus or feels backache during her period, the use of “Zarghawani Naqrai” removes all these pains.

Treatment of paralysis, tremor, and stroke patients:

In the body, the supply of blood is the symbol of life body and if there is no blood supply then life makes paralysis. Whenever the number of cholesterol increases in the blood, obstacles came into the circulation of blood, and where blood circulation stops such a part effect and such illness called a stroke. It is normally attacked half body. The magical effect of “Zarghawani Naqrai” controls blood pressure and “Zarghawani Naqrai” keeps cholesterol in balance. It enriches the nervous system.

By providing freshness to vital organs, heart & brain, liver, it keeps patients far from lethal diseases. Why diabetic patients are disappointed? “Zarghawani Naqrai” proves water of life for diabetic patients. “Zarghawani Naqrai” removes all weaknesses which were created by diabetics by raising immunity with a special power. Mostly diabetic patients unable to bear child, we advise these patients to take “Zarghawani Naqrai” as such their special power restore and now they have children.

Note: The use of Nishati with “Zarghawani Naqrai” makes a double effect. “Zarghawani Naqrai” controls urine because diabetic or non-diabetic persons who pass urine much time in an hour or they could not control over it or it passes while they getting up from their bed or falling its drops every time, by the use of “Zarghawani Naqrai” then such patients of urine treated well.

Good News: Women may also use “Zarghawani Naqrai” in any disease mentioned above with satisfaction. It is equally effective for children, teens, and old age.

Price: Rs.2500/- except postal charges

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