Cholesterol Say Nijaat Ubqari – Get Rid of Cholesterol Course


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Cholesterol Say Nijaat Course

Like high blood pressure, cholesterol is also a silent killer. Patients with cholesterol increasing in the world day by day because people taking more rest, more food, use of oil food, and no exercise. Meat, butter, liver, dry fruits, cream, etc. are increasing cholesterol levels. On raising cholesterol level, vessels become thin due to which bluishness came at the face, patient complaining breathlessness, nerves pain, heart pain, heart closure, confusion, depression, tension, and heart attack. Most of the cholesterol patients may soon become heart patients.

“Cholesterol Nijat Course” brings down the cholesterol levels. It is benefitted for joint pain, to control uric acid, functioning liver by cleaning blood, dissolve tumors, provide relief to diabetic & hepatitis patients and most beneficial for cholesterol level bring down as required. It is suitable for everyone.


Price: Rs.750/- except postal charges.


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