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Thandak Package – Cool Package 

You will not worry about hot weather or hot air, Ubqari present “Thandak Package” or “Cool Package” for the restoration of your health and always keep you fresh from the hot moments of the summer season. It provides a feeling of coolness in hot weather. It provides relief in hot weather illnesses like thrust, panic, unrest, fever, vomiting, heat in the gallbladder, dryness in the intestine, pulls up of the abdomen, liver problems, body dryness, feeling the heat in hands & feet, dry mouth, allergy, scabies dry or with pus, eczema, prickle with pus, darkness comes in eyes, feeling shocked suddenly, sinking heart, no appetite, face dullness, depression of skin around the eyelid, irritation in urine, nightfall, etc and women diseases like leaking of white fluid, sunstroke, feeling heartbeat, weakness, and others, “Cool Package” is a best and amazing source of health for all theses illness.

An interesting experience about “Thandak Package” is present as, a woman wrote “I was suffering in chronic allergy, due to which suffering congestion of nose but when I started the use of “Cool Package” not only did my chronic illness goes away my ailment regarding thrust also gone. I could not remain for a half-hour without water because every half hour I have to drink two glasses of water otherwise I reach near death. My throat goes dry and my breath going to stop but after the use of “Thandak Package”, now I am not feeling so much thrust even in the hottest weather.

I found it perfect, whenever I recommend it for any illness and to any patient. On the availability of “Thandak Package”, I am free from Hakeems & Doctors.” A patient has renal stone (stone in the kidney), “Cool Package” use for some months, stones going out after broken. Lots of patients with stones use it and amazing results are received when Patients with Gonorrhea and syphilis get healthy.

Pimples on the face did not remove even you use lots of creams, Ubton (herbal paste for beautifying the bride), or lotion and kept abstain from foods as per the advice of doctors or Hakeems, so you also use “Thandak Package” with confidence. Whenever you think about sex, urine started passing in drops or the flow of drops going out, such as a lot of disappointed patients, the use of “Cool Package” proves excellent. Patients who have involved in diseases like irritation in hands & feet, they also get health from “Thandak Package”.

A gentleman who was also patient of irritation in his hands & feet and he never feels the coolness in his hands & feet, he also becomes healthy. If you feel darkness whenever you stand up from sitting, then you don’t be disappointed, you only use “Thandak Package” for some days and then you see the amazing benefits of it. It is impossible that if any patient of Uric Acid, the pain of old joint and freezing joint, depression, and tension uses “Cool Package” and he did not get relief.


Note: No side effect of this medicine, every family member whether baby, teen, youngster or old age male or female may equally use it.


Price: Rs.700/- except postal charges.

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