Nojawano k Rog Course Ubqari , Boy’s Health Course – Adultin


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Nojawano k Rog Course, Boy’s Health Course

Whenever one reaches the age of puberty (young) and social evils come together and the addition of them makes one fire and gasoline where the only need of matchbox and fire broke out in the ammunition (body). Similarly, those who reach the age of puberty and growing up in an atmosphere where sex activities are normal then one may go indulge in social evil. Those youngsters who take pure milk from their mother and grow up under the effects of their parents, their complexion will have pink, bright eyes, fresh faces, active and strong bodies. Then why these active and strong bodies, brighten eyes become tired, cause of irritating behavior, decreasing tolerance, effect on memory, unable to walk normally, feeling darkness, giddiness, dryness on the body, digestion problem, lack of appetite, weakness of heart and mind, weakness of sight, dull face & eyes and other problems that show that the youngster waste away his special power or in the process of wasting it.

Due to aforesaid symptoms youngsters lost his face freshness and going to be yellow and become panic on the name of marrying because they indulge in such an undisciplined life, from that they found no way out. Such youngsters lost happiness in their life and then tried to commit suicide or suffered from continuous depression, tension, and disappointment. For these disappointed youngsters, in view of people’s health, our research department after experiments & tests of many years succeeded to prepare medicine with the name “Naujawano Kay Rog Course” so that you can use it with trust and confidence. To enjoy a young happy life by taking advantage of our medical secrets.


Price: Rs.700/- except postal charges.

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