Role of Bedsheets in Room Decor

Why Bedsheet Material is so Important to Consider?


Bedsheets are one such significant part of your bedroom that can make or break the whole room. The significance and value of bedsheets are not just limited to the visual and aesthetic aspects.

A crucial factor regarding bedsheets is their effect on the room resident’s moods as well as the atmosphere. Hence, bedsheets play a major role in making up the whole feel of the room and transforming the aura. There are in fact a plethora of reasons why bedsheet material design, type, color scheme, etc are so important to consider.

While color scheme and design etc are visual concepts, bedsheets may be stylish, chic looking, and visually appealing. However, it will all be useless if it lacks somehow comfort, rest, or relaxation factor.

A good night’s rest peace of mind or relaxation after a tiring long day is of utmost importance. And your carefully chosen bedsheet material can affect all these aspects. Whether that impact is positive or negative, you can choose in the form of bedsheets design, types, material, etc.

There are various kinds of materials that are used in making bedsheets. Different materials tend to offer different levels of comfort, quality, and durability. Let’s delve in further and see what kind of bedroom materials and designs might be the best fit for you with the perfect levels of comfort and quality offered.

1-Cotton Bedsheet material

Cotton is the most commonly and frequently used material for making bedsheets. This has several reasons with it being preferred and mostly used. It is a soft and smooth fabric and tends to stay cool at night. This quality acts as a foil for the heat produced by covers and the body itself.

Cotton is also quite breathable and easy to wash. It doesn’t have many delicate conditions when being thrown in a washing machine. It also does not hold on to stains and they are easy to get out. Hence, it is a light and safe option that offers comfort has durability, and also is easy to handle.

2-Linen Bedsheet material

One interesting fact concerning the history of bedsheets is that the very first bedsheets were in fact made of linen. However, linen sheets are not just popular since they have been around a long time. Linen is a really soft and extra smooth fabric. Hence, it is best used for people with sensitive skin and skin allergies.

Dermatologists recommend their patients and visitors use linen sheets for sleeping. It is also a great fit for infants, babies, and children.

Linen sheets tend to prevent overheating while sleeping under heavy covers or in summers. That is because it is quite a very breathable material and offers an ample amount of airflow. They are also easily machine washable and tend to not lose any of the smoothness or shine.

The only disadvantage with linen sheets is that they tend to get all wrinkled up pretty easily and quickly. That can be an issue for people who want to create a perfect look for a presentation.

3-Silk Bedsheets

This one is the fancy option with a luxury feels to it. They also tend to stay cool at night as well and are extra shiny and smoother. People often seem to love the way the silk feels against their skin. It is also a very likable option for people with skin allergies or sensitivities.

Although silk sheets can be expensive as compared to other sheets mentioned here. That is because the material for these sheets is obtained from the silkworm, and needs handling with utmost care.

A silk bed sheet set however tends to get very slippery and quite slick to the touch. So you might want to look into that in case it can become an issue for you.

4-Polyester Bedsheets

Polyester sheets are not entirely or solely made up of polyester material. Instead, polyester is combined with other materials, mostly cotton, for a number of reasons. Mixing in cotton allows for it to become more durable as well as more budget-friendly.

This option is naturally for people who don’t want to invest in bedsheets, are on a budget, or either they don’t mind the rough feel of the polyester. Sometimes women are more sensitive to the scratchy surface of polyester so take that into account. In short, polyester is not the most comfortable bed sheet material.

5-Flannel Bedsheets

Flannel bed sheets are a friend for the winter season. These are best used in the coldest times of the year and in the coldest places around the planet.

Imagine places with minus temperatures and extended winters. Flannel sheets have the ability to trap body heat and they don’t allow airflow. Because the sheets not being breathable, take care to not use them in a house with central heating. You would get overheated or even get skin rashes or allergies.

Flannel sheets are also very heavy and not very easy to handle, move around and throw in the washing machine. The reason for it is that they are made of fluffed cotton. They are mostly bought and brought out at the outset of winters.

6-Bamboo Bedsheet material

These sheets are made by beating bamboos up in pulp and then turning that pulp into thread with the aid of numerous chemicals. Now the end-product does not have any traces of harmful chemicals but the process of making bamboo sheets is not eco-friendly.

Hence you may want to consider that in case you are environmentally conscious. The bed sheet design may not be worth it at the cost of natural elements or creatures. Although, the end product is a silky smooth, durable and breathable bed sheet that is more affordable than silk. In the end, the environment and natural resources may be paying the price which will be a loss overall.