How to connect a smartwatch with mobile?

connect a smartwatch with mobile

Well! If you just bought a smartwatch but are confused about how to connect a smartwatch with your mobile, then this helpful blog post is for you. This article is intended to help you connect a smartwatch with an Android phone or your iPhone. Also included in this guide is connecting the watch with another type of phone which is the iPhone.

A smartwatch is a wearable computing device with a form factor between a wristwatch and a Bluetooth headset. It can run third-party applications, usually in the form of ‘apps.’ A smartwatch allows someone to make phone calls or receive notifications without having to take out their smartphone from their pocket or bag.

A smartwatch provides convenience to the user by combining all the benefits of a mobile device and a wristwatch to provide information at a glance. It also provides other functions such as application notifications, text message alerts, and call reminders in real-time.

But first, you will need to connect the smartwatch with your mobile phone.

Steps to connect smartwatch with mobile

Firstly check whether your smartwatch supports Bluetooth or WiFi. If it uses Bluetooth then follow the steps given below:

Step 1- The first thing you will have to do is, enable Bluetooth on both the devices, i.e., your phone and watch. For Android phones, go to Settings> Wireless & Networks> Bluetooth. For iPhone, go to Settings> Bluetooth.

Step 2- Once you have enabled the Bluetooth on both devices, search for your smartwatch in your phone’s “Available Devices” list. For Android phones, head back to Wireless & Network, then open Bluetooth settings. You should see your smartwatch listed as “Smartwatch-display name.” Select your smartwatch from the list. The pairing process will start now.

For iPhone, go to Bluetooth settings and select your smartwatch in the list of devices (you may need to enter a passcode for security purposes). Your phone will now try to connect with your watch. Once it has successfully paired up, you will see a confirmation message on the watch.

Step 3- The final step is to connect your smartwatch with your phone via Bluetooth or WiFi, depending upon which type of device you have. On Android phones, open Settings and head over to About Phone> Status, and there you will find an option called “Bluetooth Network”. Open it and select your smartwatch’s name from the list.

Connecting smartwatch to a phone

For iPhone, open Settings and go to General> About or Network> Wi-Fi. There you will find your watch listed along with other connected devices like tablets etc. All that needs to be done is select your watch from the list of devices. That’s it! Your smartwatch has been successfully connected to your phone.

Connecting smartwatch to a phone that needs a separate App

Some smartwatches have a dedicated app that can connect and decode watch data. These apps can then display detailed information about your day, like steps taken, heart rate, and exercise data. To connect a smartwatch to your phone that uses an app, you should first install the app from Play Store or App Store.

Step 1- Open the app and allow it to access the data on your phone. After you approve this, the app will start receiving all of your smartwatch’s activity data.

Step 2- To connect a smartwatch running Android Wear with an iPhone, open the App Store on your iPhone, and download an Android Wear app. In a few minutes, the app will download. To connect with your smartwatch, you need to open the app and tap “Start.”

Step 3- You will need to set up an account in order to use Google Fit data. If you’re really interested in using Google Fit data, then you should create an account. Otherwise, you can skip this step. After signing up, select your smartwatch and tap “Start.”

Step 4- Once all this is done, Google Fit will show you how many steps you’ve taken today, along with other fitness data like calories burned. You can also see detailed stats for previous days of the week using the “History” section.

Similarly, on an Android phone, you will need to download the specific app from the Play Store first and then link your watch using the steps mentioned above for iPhone as both are the same.

Smartwatch in Pakistan

Many brands are selling their smartwatches in Pakistan. From android powered smartwatches by Samsung to Apple Watch and watches by Xiaomi are all readily available for sale in Pakistan. Some off-brand Chinese smartwatches are also available in Pakistan. You can find smartwatches for sale in the local markets and online stores.

If you wish to own a smartwatch, then I recommend that you buy it online because you can get better discounts. You can contact us. Depending on the brand, smartwatches aren’t too expensive, so it is possible for most people to buy one. Don’t forget to connect your smartwatch with your phone! If you have any confusion about connecting the watch with your phone, just follow the steps we mentioned in this article.

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