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Khatoon Shifa Syrup – Haiz ki Bay Qaidgi Ka Aakhri Ilaj

In women, diseases belong to menstruation like irregular period, came not in time came, came in low quantity, came haltingly, during menstruation feeling unbearable pain, accumulation of blood inside due to which destination of the abdomen, came out of hair on face (pullulate), joints pain, restlessness, excess of sweet, sadness, breathless, fast heartbeat, irritation, etc sometimes diseases increases due to which goes under hysteria, for treatment and relief from all these diseases is “Khatoon Shifa”.

Those young girls who reach the age of puberty also suffer above diseases but they don’t care about the treatment of these diseases due to which their body started destination, hair came out on their face, inside blood accumulate and, appear stain, spot, and rashes on facial skin and on the whole body, for treatment of all of these diseases “Khatoon Shifa” is new life.

Some women have periods come but came with severe pain that very hard bear, mostly before period they lying on the bed, the pain started from ناف then in نلوں and then the whole body, on use of pain killer they feel relief for time being but the permanent treatment is only “Khatoon Shifa”. “Khatoon Shifa” is a new wave of happiness whose could not be pregnant or often their pregnancy may fall down and they suffering اٹھراء these women use it with satisfaction.

Specific benefit:

The research department of Ubqari Dawakhana prepared a “Khatoon Shifa” formula that is free from every kind of steroid, chemical, and also it helps to harmful particles. As such most of the benefits came under the light like it not only use for the treatment of menstruation stoppage but also it cleaning blood, remove unnecessary hair from the face & body, abstaining from obesity after marrying, and removing the facial stains, spots, and scratches. It is the best treatment for obesity. Men & women can use it. you can also check Best Chef Knives for khatoons .

Note: “Khatoon Shifa” use regularly. If you want to double its effects use “Khatoon Shifa” with “Harmoons Shifa Course” i.e. mix 2 tablespoons “Khatoon Shifa” in a cup of warm water and take 1 tablet of “Harmoons Shifa Course” and watch the result. If you don’t take “Harmoons Shifa” then “Khatoon Shifa” also is the best and tested on thousands of patients. Use from 1 bottle to some bottles of “Khatoon Shifa” than permanent relief at your doorsteps.


Take 2 tablespoons of “Khatoon Shifa” with warm water, 3 times a day 1hour before or 2 hours after food, 3 days before the period starts “Khatoon Shifa”. If period never comes then use permanently till period starts. During pregnancy don’t use “Khatoon Shifa”. As per your condition quantity of dose may use less or more.

Abstain from spicy & oily food, egg, chicken, and beef. Take vegetable and fruits. If you will not abstain from bitter things than you could not get gain. Most we did not abstain from rice, chemicals like cubes, Ajinomoto, acetic acid (acid of vinegar), food color in pickle, synthetic vinegar and squashes etc. Take simple food only, they have less taste but are beneficial.

Price: Rs.220/- except postal charges.


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